How does government cause poverty?

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Poverty has been a problem for decades, and even longer. Government can be a big cause of poverty. But how? What are some of the effects, as well? I will answer all of these questions.
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Some of the causes of poverty (by government) could be:

  • Corruption can be used for governmental gain only, none for the people (like getting money)
  • Lack of Education (a big problem in some countries & states) can lead you to having no job and no money
  • Overpopulation is when a place has too many people for it to care for, so, well, the government just leaves people in the dust.
  • Video Links do not cause poverty. There is one below this creepy lady.
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  • War makes governments spend their money on supplies when the citizens are in need
  • Vulnerability to disasters (The government is not responsible for natural disasters heading towards their land.) is an effect the government has on no surrounding security like buildings vulnerable for tornadoes.
  • Epidemic diseases can be prevented by medical works, but the government does not try to find solutions to those problems


  • Starvation
  • Dehydration
  • Extreme loss of body fat
  • Loss of money
These are the prime effects of governmental poverty. There are still a lot more.


In conclusion, yes. Government can cause many types of poverty, but I guess we should look on the bright side of the government. They really try to help us. But anyway, they still cause a LOT of poverty, but we should all remember that the government doesn't cause all poverty. Still, many people are bankrupt and don't have a place to live because of their problems.


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