Holocaust Photos

Ariela Andrade Period 8

Life Before The Holocaust


Jews were allowed to play freely. They could relax with sports during their free time. Because they were adverse, they never had any kind of free time in the camps. They barely had time to rest.

The Affects of Propaganda to the Public

Their Lives Changing as the War/Holocaust Progressed

Many tragic things happened to the Jews inside of the camp too. [1] The separation of families was definitely something that was a struggle to overcome. Some even gave up because they could no longer move forward without their family. [2] The prisoners had to adapt to the amount of food that was being given to them compared to what they'd normally eat. [3] The overall conditions was something that had been adapted by some of the longest lasting prisoners.


You needed to know what to do and what not to do. One line out of step and you could have been severely beaten. Most had only two options inside the boundaries: work or be killed.


At the camp, the prisoners almost became numb to the news of others dying around them. Its not that they've become heartless, it's that it was so normal that they were used to it.