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March 18 Newsletter

Course Updates on March 18, 2016

Happy 金よう日! Your grades for Japanese IIAB have been updated.

Thank you all for being patient with me with slow grading process this past grading period. I don't mean to make excuses, but I had a plumbing issue at home, with which I had spent quite a bit of time cleaning, and then on top of that, my computer got updated to Windows 10 while I was in the middle of grading!!! Several of my programs just disappeared and many things in my computer got moved here or there. I am sure unexpected things happen to your life and you feel the stress coming up to your neck time to time.

So I want to share my thoughts with you. Things happen in life. Your schedules and plans get disrupted. You get behind on things you have been working on (such as completing or grading assignments). But don't get discouraged and give up. Keep your eyes on the goal set ahead of you and keep pressing on to finish one thing at a time. Communicate with your instructor if you need help. We are in this together. がんばりましょう!

Herndon Sensei

GaVS Spring Break

GaVS Spring Break is scheduled as April 4 ~ 8

If your school has a different time for spring break, you are still responsible for submitting your assignments on Assignments Due Dates. Please adjust your schedule accordingly.

For example, if your spring break is the week of March 28 and want to have a week off, you need to plan to not to take a break from GaVS work when GaVS is taking a break. You just need to do the work for the week of March 28 during the week of April 4 and submit the assignments by April 14.

If your spring break is the week of April 11, you also need to work during GaVS spring break and submit the required assignments before your spring break starts. As long as you submit by the midnight of April 14, you are fine.

If you need assistance in managing your schedule, please contact me.

Mrs. Herndon

Feel free to contact me. I am just a click away.

Next Assignments Due

This week and next week's assignments are due on Thursday, March 24. Please check your schedule and plan your next 2 weeks. The graded assignments are written in BOLD letters in your course schedule.

And always, please read your feedback as soon as graded. There may be time sensitive information in it to benefit you.

Next Adobe Connect Sessions

Join us to Adobe Connect Learning Sessions.

Monday, March 21
Japanese IIAB-12 week- 1:15AM - 2:00PM
Japanese IIAB-18,16,&14 wk 8:00PM - 8:45PM

Monday, March 28
Japanese IIAB-12 week- 1:15AM - 2:00PM
Japanese IIAB-18,16,&14 wk 8:00PM - 8:45PM