Huntington's Disease

By: Hudson Finn

Information About The Disease

Huntington's Disease was discovered in 1872 by Dr. George Huntington. Huntington's Disease is a brain disorder that affects the way a person talks, thinks, and moves. This disorder is a single cell gene mutation. Although it harms the person, it does not affect their life expectancy.
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Dr. George Huntington while he was alive in the 1800's


Some symptoms of the disease are poor memory, depression, mood swings, lack of coordination, and twitching or other uncontrollable movements. In the late stages of the disease, a person may need help doing the simplest of activities like putting their clothes on or brushing their teeth.
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A brain that has had Huntington's Disease has a changed shape.


Most victims of Huntington's Disease inherit the mutated gene while in the mother. Although the gene is mutated so early, most people begin the get symptoms from age 30-50. In the United States, about 1 in every 30,000 people get Huntington's Disease.
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A baby, while in it's mother's stomach, can develop the disease before coming out of the womb.


After the child is born, doctors can identify the disease by first doing a series of neurological and physological tests. A genetic test can then confirm the diagnosis by determining if the person has inherited the mutation.
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Huntington's Disease can effect many parts of your brain.

Treatments and Medication

Treatments do not affect the progression of the disease or the severeness of the disease, but it will make the patient more comfortable. Treatments will also make everyday life easier for the patient. The medications for the disease ease feelings of anxiety and depression while other help with controlling the patients movements. Physical or speech therapy also helps the patient.
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A Dr. helps a Huntington's Disease patient through rehab.

Support Groups

Huntington's Disease is not the most popular disease, but there are still organizations working to find cures for it. There are also foundations that are raising money for the disease. Huntington's Disease Foundation is researching about a new drug that can prevent and cure the disease.
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Huntington's Disease Foundation is working today on finding cures for the disease.