The California Gold Rush

By: Zack McCoy

Famous People From The Gold Rush

John Sutter hired a carpenter, named James Marshall, to build a mill for him which led to the discovery of gold. James Marshall is the carpenter John hired to build the mill. While working one day, he saw specks of gold floating in the river the mill was to be built on. Samuel Brannan saw people paying for things at Sutter's mill with gold. With this knowledge, he purchased all of the mining equipment he could afford, ran through the streets of San Francisco shouting," gold on the American river," and then became a millionaire reselling the mining gear for 10 x its original price. Levi Strauss invented Levi's(Jeans), a strong pair of pants that were made from denim, for miners.Henry Wells and William Fargo created Wells,Fargo & co. In order to help miners with banking, mail, and stage coach services.

Cause Of The Gold Rush

John Sutter had a carpenter build a mill for him in California, 1848. James Marshall, the carpenter, saw flakes of gold floating in the river. James and John decided to keep the gold a secret because Sutter was a man with more authority in California and he wanted to have a farming-based economy. A man named Samuel Brannan foiled their plans because he also noticed the gold flakes. But first, he bought all of the mining epuipment he could for a really cheap price. Then he ran down the streets of San Francisco shouting,"Gold on the American river," while wearing a bottle of gold flakes around his neck. He then became a millionaire by reselling the tools for much higher prices.

Description Of The Gold Rush

Gold was discovered at Sutter's mill, and revealed by Samuel Brannan in California, 1848. Many people from all around the world came to try their luck and strike rich with gold. Not many people who came home rich actually dug for gold at all, they got rich by selling/ providing services to the miners. Many things came out of the gold rush that are still around today. The popular Jeans, were invented by Levi Strauss, to provide miners pants that wouldn't fall apart. Henry Wells and William Fargo started Wells, Fargo & Co. to provide miners with banking, mail, and stage coach services. The value of gold eventually got California annexed by the U.S. as a free state, one reason that started the civil war.

Purpose Of The California Gold Rush

It was used to secure manifest destiny because it brought tons of people into the west. And it was used to get rich by mining for gold( though not many people did get rich). It was also used to get rich but providing goods/services to the miners. Some could support the evidence that it also had a purpose in the start of the civil war.

Contributions To Change

The California gold rush brought many people to settle in the west. This secured manifest destiny and brought many new and diverse cultures and peoples to America. And Many Modern-day businesses and inventions came from the gold rush. It also changed America by starting the civil war when it was annexed as a free state without its partner slave state.

Interesting Facts About The Gold Rush

Not many people who came home rich actually mined for gold. Those who did get rich actually provided goods/ services to the miners. Gold was valued from $12.00 to $35.00 an ounce. The world's 2nd largest good nugget came from California and weighed 160lbs. The men who originally found gold wanted to keep it a secret. The miners who came in 1849 were called 49ers.