Classical Conversations

Slidell West

Foundations - Week 14

This week we learned about core samples and testing minerals using a streak test. The kids enjoyed searching for "oil" in their little plots of land and finding out how geologists find various mineral deposits. This photo is of core samples. Isn't God's earth amazing?

In Art, we made a metal relief like Ghiberti. If you would like to learn more, watch this video by Khan Academy.

Next week's presentation is to recite a poem from memory! This can be a nursery rhyme, song lyrics, a Psalm or favorite poem. Work with your child with their volume control at home.

Essentials - Week 14

This week we learned the imperative form of a complex sentence.

Please review Chart DD at home.

We also learned about Active and Passive voice in verbs. Active voice is when the subject is doing the action. For example, Mom ate all the cake. Passive voice is when the subject is having the action done to it. For example, The cake was eaten by Mom. We used the prepositional phrase, "by storm troopers" to test our sentences. If you can add "by storm troopers" to a sentence and it makes sense, the verb is passive.

In Math, we played 24! Here's one for you to try at home! If you bring me the solution written out in correct order of operations, I will let you choose something from my goodie bag! REMEMBER! You can us addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You must use all 4 numbers once. The solution must equal 24!

10, 12, 3, 2

In IEW, we are continuing to work on fused outlines. The lesson in the book is Lesson 22 Ancient Rome: Its Beginnings.

Other Community News!

Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law. Romans 13:10

What should I be doing at home with my kids?

Foundations kids need to work on memory work for about 15-30 minutes a day, trace maps, do a reading and a math lesson. Then take time to expand on the art and science projects, practice their presentation.

Essentials parents may find the "Weekly Checklists" on CC Connected helpful to work through with their children.