AT Update

April 8, 2016

3rd grade math

This week, students have worked on comparing decimal numbers as well as writing decimals as fractions. We are comparing decimals greater than 1 and will wrap up the chapter next week. The test is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. Since students have PARCC testing, I may move it into the following week due to the lengthy testing schedule. Check your student's assignment notebook for more details.

4th grade math

This week, we are working on the metric system. Students have learned to convert between units of mass, liquid volume, and length. We are working on multi-step word problems with the metric system that are proving to require much attention to detail.

3/4 Reading

This week, students began to read The Pushcart War. Within this book, we are focusing on the satirical nature of the author and on propaganda. Students created their own propaganda for the book after researching it.

We are also in the brainstorming phase of another personal research project. Be on the lookout for more in the next 2 weeks.

Due to third grade PARCC testing next week, they will miss class 3 days. Fourth grade will continue to work on their PRP next week and third grade will catch up the following week when 4th grade takes the PARCC test.