Welcome Back! ¡Bienvenidos!

Park Elementary Library

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Welcome back! As you know, our school year looks entirely differently this year; however, my commitment to students remains. Please know that your child's success is my greatest priority. Library classes will begin very soon. Although, our physical library is closed, our digital library is online 24/7! We have a collection of eBooks and databases for our students. Please view the video below with your child to learn more about accessing these free tools. Please note that the website look has been modified, but navigating through the site is the same.

Thank you for your support!

Carla Delgado

Park Librarian

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Queridos Padres o Tutores,

¡Bienvenidos! Este ano escolar será diferente, pero mi compromiso en educar a su niño(s) sigue firme. Empezaremos nuestras clases de biblioteca muy pronto. Nuestra biblioteca física esta cerrada, pero tenemos una colección de libros y recursos electrónicos disponibles las 24 horas al día. Por favor vea el video con instrucciones para entrar a nuestra pagina de recursos. La pagina web cambio un poco, pero las instrucciones de el video son iguales.

¡Gracias por su apoyo!

Carla Delgado

Bibliotecaria de Park

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Student Digital Resources
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***Important Note ***Nota Importante


The first time students log in to the EPISD Plaza (https://launchpad.classlink.com/episd) or to schoology (http://episd.schoology.com) for their classes, it will ask for an email address. Please Do Not enter your parent email. Each student has a unique email address which is the same as their Accelerated Reader username with @episd.org at the end of it. It has six letters and four numbers. If you do not know this unique username, please contact your child's teacher. Teacher emails are located in our staff directory on episd.org/park under the About Us tab. For a tutorial on how to log in to schoology, see the videos below.

Padres o Tutores,

La primera vez que los estudiantes ingresen a EPISD Plaza (https://launchpad.classlink.com/episd) o a Schoology (http://episd.schoology.com) para sus clases, tendrán que poner un correo electrónico. Por favor utilizen el correo del estudiante. Cada estudiante tiene su correo electrónico que es el nombre de usuario con @episd.org al final. Tiene seis letras y cuatro números. Si su niño/a necesitan esta información, favor de hablar con la maestra/o de salon. El correo electrónico de los maestros esta en episd.org/park en About Us.

How to log into Schoology
Como ingresar a Schoology