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1/15/2016 Weekly Update

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Your Child's Reading Level

In last week's newsletter, I mentioned that grade cards for second quarter would contain information about your student's reading level. The guided reading level correlations that we use as a District are based upon the scale below. Please note that these levels come from Scholastic, which is what our guided reading system and assessment is built upon in Strongsville. However, you may find some other programs that use slightly different ranges. Because of this, teachers look at the child comprehensively to determine the “at, above, or below” level up to this point in the year. This checkbox of student’s level will again be on the 4th quarter report card. If you have any questions about the levels, guided reading, or report card marking, please contact your child’s teacher, the building principal, or Erin Green, Director of Curriculum, at 440 572-2016 or eringreen@scsmustangs.org

Scholastic “At Level” Guided Reading Ranges:

Grade K:- A-D (will start second semester)

Grade 1: Levels A-I

Grade 2: Levels E-N

Grade 3: Levels J-Q

Grade 4: Levels M-T

Grade 5: Levels Q-W

Grade 6: Levels T-Z

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Hat Day

School spirit days strengthen the Whitney community by providing a common theme. Students get to share in the fun, along with staff. Thanks to all of you who help by keeping up with the spirit day calendar and encouraging your child to participate!

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Best Wishes for Mrs. Trimper

Whitney's Media Specialist, Mrs. Trimper, shared with the Whitney staff that she has been diagnosed with cancer. She assures us that her prospects for full recovery are very good. Throughout her treatment Mrs. Trimper will keep working as she is able. As you know, cancer treatment almost always results in significant physical changes. Mrs. Trimper does not want her appearance to be a source of concern for any of our students. Whitney's elementary counselor, Mr. Schibley, agreed to talk to every class to help prepare them to support Mrs. Trimper through her journey to recovery. Those classroom talks were completed today. Your child may have questions for you. This is an opportunity to for you to talk with your child about sensitive subjects. If you have questions, please contact our office.
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PTA Fund Raiser

The Whitney PTA has been busy planning the annual Wing Ding Fund Raiser that will be held on Feb. 27th at Bilo's Bar and Grill. You can help. The idea is for each grade level to donate items that the PTA will use to build a raffle basket. They created a signup genius which will offer suggestions and also inform families about our event. A flier with that information will be distributed next week to all Whitney Families. Please click here for more information

Dates to Remember

January 2016

  • 15th - Early Release Day - 2:30 dismissal

  • 15th - Friday – Rockin’ at the Rec

  • 18th - Monday – No School – Martin Luther King Day

  • 21st - Raising Cyber-Conscious Kids - 7pm - SHS Little Theater

  • 28th - Kindergarten Information Meeting - Muraski Gym

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