Douglas Mawson's Adventure

by Bonnie and Jacob


Douglas Mawson was a famous antarctic explore and got on the $100 note for it. He joined the Nimrod epedition led by Ernest Shakleton. His ship was called the Aurora and it went to Antarctica in 1911-1914.


The expedition of 1911-1914 aim was to experiment if a man could survive in Antarctica and to do some scientific studies. While he was down there he built a hut which is now called the Mawson's hut and is still standing now. He was ill prepared because he didn't bring enough food for the 3 year period. He brought with him 16 expeditioners, 50 sheep, some food, a load of coal and some dogs.


Unfortunently this adventure went wrong for him because his mate, Ninnis, fell down a crevasse and took down the dogs and food supplies with him. After 3 hours Mawson and his other mate, Mertz, suspected he was dead. They had enough food to last them 10 days which included a few biscuits, a little chocolate and some hoosh (which is a thick stew) but no food for the dogs and no shelter. Eventually Mawson and Mertz knew they were in danger and to survive they would have to eat dog which includes liver in which case Mertz died from.