What's Buzzin' at Bryant

Week of September 26, 2022

A Message from Mrs. Johnson

Hello Bryant families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful weekend.

We are mid way through Trimester 1. Can you believe it. Time is flying by quickly. As a reminder, progress reports were sent home with students on Friday, September 23rd. Pleaase be sure to check your child's backpack. Teachers provided some wonderful feedback and suggestions on how to help your child improve in any area of need. Below are a few additional suggestions to help some of younger readers develop their skill, love, and appreciation for reading:

  • Talk to your child. Ask your child to talk about his day at school. Encourage him to explain something they did, or a game he played during recess.
  • Say silly tongue twisters. Sing songs, read rhyming books, and say silly tongue twisters. These help kids become sensitive to the sounds in words.
  • Read it and experience it. Connect what your child reads with what happens in life. If reading a book about animals, relate it to your last trip to the zoo.
  • Use your child’s name. Point out the link between letters and sounds. Say, “John, the word jump begins with the same sound as your name. John, jump. And they both begin with the same letter, J.”
  • Play with puppets. Play language games with puppets. Have the puppet say, “My name is Mark. I like words that rhyme with my name. Does park rhyme with Mark? Does ball rhyme with Mark?”
  • Trace and say letters. Have your child use a finger to trace a letter while saying the letter's sound. Do this on paper, in sand, or on a plate of sugar.
  • Write it down. Have paper and pencils available for your child to use for writing. Working together, write a sentence or two about something special. Encourage your child to use the letters and sounds he or she is learning about in school.
  • Play sound games. Practice blending sounds into words. Ask “Can you guess what this word is? m - o - p.” Hold each sound longer than normal.
  • Read it again and again. Go ahead and read your child’s favorite book for the 100th time! As you read, pause and ask your child about what is going on in the book.
  • Talk about letters and sounds. Help your child learn the names of the letters and the sounds the letters make. Turn it into a game! “I’m thinking of a letter and it makes the sound mmmmmm.”

We are in this together! As always, Bee Fantastic, Bee Great, Bee the Difference! Have a great week!


Let's Celebrate our Little Bees!

Every year, the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) reminds the world in a BIG way about the value that people with Down syndrome bring to their communities through a special video on a jumbo screen in the heart of Times Square. A few hundred photos are chosen out of thousands of submissions from across the country. The Times Square video slideshow kicks off the annual NYC Buddy Walk in Central Park to celebrate people with Down syndrome. Please join Team Bryant in celebrating our very own Milo L. for being featured in New York's Time Square. We are so proud of him! Thank you to Milo and his family for allowing us to share this memorable moment.
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Making cross curriculum connections in sixth grade

Our sixth graders have been studying about the Titanic as part of their language arts curriculum. What a better way to connect language arts to science then by building your own boat and using weighted objects to test the buoyancy. How much weight can your boat take before it sinks? Great job to the sixth grade students and sixth grade teachers. Keep up the awesome work!

Volunteers on Campus

We are happy to report that the volunteer participation process and forms have been released.

Please visit www.riversideunified.org/volunteer and follow the prompts.

We can persevere!

Let’s give a great big shout out to Mrs. Noble’s super students for sharing with us how they demonstrate the Core Virtue of perseverance. They taught us how to hang in there even when things get hard. We never give up!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

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School Site Council need you!

School Site Council (SSC) is group of teachers, parents, administrators, and interested community members who work together to develop and monitor a school's improvement plan. It is a legally required decision-making body for any school receiving federal funds. The SSC decides upon the focus of the school’s academic instructional programs and all related categorical resource expenditures for a school.

At this time, Bryant has all position open on our SSC. If you are interested, please print and complete the attached form and turn it into the front office by September 26, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you.

Get your Bee Happy Gram!

PTO is so excited to bring back our Bee Happy Grams! For only $5 (cash only) you can send your little one a sweet little gift with a note for any occassion. Say "Happy Birthday", Say "I Love You", or simply say "thank you for being so awesome!" There is nothing a Bee Gram won't cover. Please submit your request by visiting the front office. Grams will not be delivered to students until all fees have been remitted to the front office. Thank you so much for supporting PTO.

Show your school spirit!

Bryant's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is so happy to announce presales of our 22-23 spirit gear. You can place your pre-order by clicking the link and completing the form. All spirit shirts purchased before September 16, 2022 will be priced at $10. After September 16, the price will increase to $12.
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The Queen Bee of Attendance!

Congratulations to Ms. Reed and her super students for having the best attendance average for the week. Thank you so much to all of the families for ensuring your children are at school on time, everyday ready to learn. This recongnition goes out to you!
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Core Virtue for the month of Septemer - PERSERVERANCE

To persevere meant to give continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. Never giving up! Always having the perspective that you can do better next time.

Patriotic song for the month of September- "The Star-Spangled Banner"

On September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key pens a poem which is later set to music and in 1931 becomes America’s national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The poem, originally titled “The Defence of Fort M'Henry,” was written after Key witnessed the Maryland fort being bombarded by the British during the War of 1812. Key was inspired by the sight of a lone U.S. flag still flying over Fort McHenry at daybreak, as reflected in the now-famous words of the “Star-Spangled Banner”: “And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.”
Cedarmont Kids - The Star Spangled Banner

Data Confirmation in Aeries

Attention Bryant Parents: Don't forget to complete your 2022-23 data confirmaiton in Aeries Portal by September 30. Having the most up-to-date information is important and the best way to stay connected. https://bit.ly/RUSDAeries

Aeries Parent Portal Accounts will automatically be created and associated with your student once the contact record is entered and saved by the school site. Parents will receive an email containing their username and password. Please check your spam/junk folders for said email. To associate multiple students/siblings to a parent account, simply add your email address and a Y in each student's (or sibling's) contact record.

RUSD Parent and Family Engagement

Connect with the Family Resource Center (FRC). The FRC offers a variety of workshops as well as serves as a hub for families to access information about resources withing the community. You can make an appointment by calling by (951) 328-4003 for an appointment. FRC Fall 2022

Family Wellness Workshops

  • 9/27/22 “Learning to Breathe: The Art of Self Care” presented by Asian Pacific Counseling and Treatment Centers. The Workshop will be held in English, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Art of Self Care

Fathers United Network

Join the Student Assistance Program and Family Resource Center at Bobby Bonds Park from 9:00-12:00 for food, family, and fun! The Fathers United Network is launching the Kick-off Event to introduce F.U.N. to the community. Workshops will be facilitated throughout the year.

RUSD Family Update webpage

Take some time to periodically view the RUSD family update webpage. There you will find all important District updates and information for RUSD families.

PTO meeting

Monday, Sep. 26th, 3-4pm

4324 3rd Street

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District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 9-11:15am

This is an online event.

Bryant School Site Council (SSC)/English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting

Thursday, Sep. 29th, 3-4pm

4324 3rd Street

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