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Lauren's Advice to Leaders

Advice to Herman Cain

To show the American people that he was ready to become President of the United States, Herman Cain could have gained more political experience. He didn’t have enough solid political experience to make an effective president. His losses in the Georgia Senate election should have shown that he was not yet ready to run for president. Being a successful business man does not ensure political success.

Another way he could have shown the American people that he was ready to become president would have been to appear more serious. His jokes about building an electrical fence around the United States border were not found funny by many citizens. This also caused him to lose support. Herman Cain could have avoided this by being more serious about immigration reform.

He proved he wasn’t ready to become president when his dedication to domestic issues was misrepresented. He did this by referring to Uzbekistan as an insignificant state. If the American people saw that he was more dedicated to and serious about domestic issues, Herman Cain might have run a more successful campaign.

Advice to Richard Nixon

Another leader we have learned about this week was Richard Nixon. I would advise Richard Nixon to be mindful of his appearance and to make honesty a priority. His lack of these two abilities is what caused him to leave such a negative legacy. First, he appeared tired, unshaven, and nervous during a televised presidential debate. Because he wasn’t mindful of his appearance, he lost support from the voters watching from home. Secondly, he added to his negative legacy by becoming the first president to resign from office. He did this because of all the pressure he was receiving because of the Watergate Scandal. The pressure would have been much less if he had admitted that he had knowledge of the fact that campaigners tried to his re election were caught attempting to wiretap phones and steal documents related to the Democratic campaign. He wasn’t even involved in the first place but he became involved in order to cover track that weren’t his. This only dug him a deeper hole in which he found it too hard to crawl out of. I would advise him next time to just tell the truth the first time you’re asked.