Vietnam Reading Assignment

Lorenzo and Miguel

"Ambush" By Tim O'Brien

The chapter in the book was about how Jimmy cross was on an ambush with the rest of the squad and he had killed a person. It was jimmy watching the path and seeing a person so he threw a grenade that the person ran into. Also how he reacted being haunted by the image of the dead person.

"Song of Napalm" by Bruce Weigl

Bruce was looking out at the field, he started to get a flash back when he was in Vietnam. He started to see a girl running in the field with napalm on her. Slowly killing her.

Key Passage "Ambush"

"The brush was and I had to lob it high, not aiming, and I remember the grenade seeming to freeze above me for an instant, as if a camera had clicked, and I remember ducking down and holding my breath and seeing little wisps of fog rise from the earth"

This passage is important the reading because it gives the reading a picture of how it felt to be in a moment in which you were about to kill someone. This also shows how scared the soldiers were in the war.

Key Passage "Song of Napalm"

‘’The girl runs only as far as the napalm allows her until her burning tendons crackling muscles draw her up into a final position ‘’. Bruce is describing how the napalm was slowly killing the girl as she runs in the field.

Discussion Questions "Ambush"

This author is trying to show all the bad things that happened that wasn't recorded. Also how the soldiers where feeling about what they had to do in order to survive. The impact on people is mental scarring by all the things they had to do along with the guilt of their actions. On returning from the war they are treated differently whether it was the fact of being in the war or the changes that the soldiers had while in the war.

Discussion Questions "Song of Napalm"

The message the author is trying to give to the reader is that being in the Vietnam War wasn’t pretty and a lot of soldier get mentally damage. The soldiers would go back home and start to get flash backs that were mostly a bad experience

Image Analysis

This picture shows the conditions the soldiers had to go through almost every day. Like in the book they had to go through river and swaps
Forrest Gump Fortunate Son Vietnam Intro [HD]

Connection to Media

This video is important because it shows how a young guy from America feels barely getting to Vietnam and how unprepared he is. Along with the song in the background that is about how the fortunate men where those who didn't have to fight in the Vietnam War.