Ethan Ossolinski

An Engineer in the Making

Who am I?

I grew up in a the little town of New Hartford, CT. My family and I go to Church every Sunday and use our religion as a guideline for our lives. My father is in the Army and a couple of years ago was deployed for 14 months. This period of time allowed me to cultivate a strong work ethic and ability to prosper even in the worst circumstances. I hope to one day complete my goal, to become an engineer and use all the tools I've fostered through out my life.


Over the past four years in high school I have managed to obtain and maintain a 4.0 GPA as well as take honors or A.P. level courses every quarter. I'm currently enrolled in the most challenging courses at my school, including, A.P. Calculus, UCONN Physics, and A.P. Statistics. I'm also involved in many of the school organizations available. I'm a member of the National Honor Society and am an active member of my school's Student Council. I'm also a team captain for my school's math team and also participate in the New England Math League. The true value of all of these accomplishments is not the grade I've earned, but instead the ability to be multifaceted to take on any challenge may arise later in my life.

Hobbies & Extracirriculars

This past summer I was chosen to go to a mock government rally known as Boys State. It was a week on a college campus where I got to get a feel for how a government is run and elected. I learned how to work with my peers and how to compromise with others. Outside of school I enjoy mountain biking, plastic scale modeling, and pottery. I hope to one day become more competitive with biking and will continue to pursue my artistic interests in college. I believe that the abilities I have from these activities will make a good match for any problem I will face in college.