Twenty and ten

By Claire Huchet Bishop

The Nazis came and The Jewish children had to hide

A group of 20 kids were playing a make believe game called the "Flight Into Egypt". They had stopped playing. Then they all got into a fight. Then the woman that watched over them. Got them to stop fighting and come to the class room. When the children got to the class room there was a man there he started to talk to them once they all got on there benches. He asked them if it was all right for ten Jewish children without parents could come stay with them. They all cheered YES! He got the Jewish children out of the woods. They came in and got washed up. The other kids were happy to see them and get to know them. A few kids named Janet, Henry, and Denise became friends with a Jewish boy named Arthur. 3 days later after they became friends Sister Gabriel had to go to the village. After Sister Gabriel left 2 Nazis on bicycles came. They hide the Jewish children. And the Nazis came. They all kept looking out the window for Sister Gabriel but she never came.

The Theme

The theme is "Be Brave" the children were brave when the Nazis came. To find the Jewish children. The children never spoke even when the Nazis spoke to them. They risked going and giving the Jewish children food and blankets.

The Real History vs The Story

In the story the children didn't speak even when they were spoke to because they wanted to keep the Jewish children safe from the Nazis. A boy named Henry got thrown into a coalshed and wasn't questioned. When the children would play a game they would be Jewish so they told a young Nazis they were Mary, Joseph, and Jesus the Nazis was angrey but left when he was told to.

Real history is If the children wouldn't speak they would have been killed or torchered to speak. They also would have questioned Henry and torchered him to do so. The young Nazis would have killed the children when they lied to him

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