Propaganda for the "Great War"

What is Propaganda?

Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

World War I saw many propaganda posters all over the place from all countries involved in the war. These were used to encourage young men to enlist and fight on the battlefield and were also very effective in stirring up emotions, such as anger, in large crowds...

Many propaganda posters also show how society works at the time it was made; for example, who can vote? who can fight in the war? etc

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I want YOU for U.S. Army


Probably one of the most recognized propaganda posters of the time. This poster shows "Uncle Sam" pointing a finger at the reader and saying, "I want you for U.S. Army". Basically, "Uncle Sam" represents the nation, and the nation wants YOU to join the army to fight for it.

*This poster only seems to be calling for men. We don't see posters with Lady Liberty calling women to fight.

[Citizenship]: Males only

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Beat back the HUN with LIBERTY BONDS

~Name Calling~

This poster shows an evil looking German, to which they refer to as, "the Hun". Back during the 3rd and 5th centuries, the Huns came from modern day Mongolia to terrorize the people of Asia and Europe. This poster refers to the German people as the barbaric people that threw Europe into the "Dark Ages." Germany, at this time, tried to block any trade towards Europe and thus set its U-boats out in the Atlantic Ocean to destroy any trade ships headed to Europe. The "Hun" in the picture above is looming over the Atlantic Ocean with a menacing glare, and blood on its hands and weapons.

The whole poster urges the reader to buy War Bonds, which they call "Liberty Bonds" to make them sound more important, to help out in the war effort.

*This poster shows a male agressor. This suggests that only males physically fought on the enemy's side.

[Citizenship]: Males Only

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Protect your Family!

~Card Stacking~

This poster is part of Germany's propaganda. It shows a strong man holding a sword. In his arms he has his wife and his child. The man is looking out into the distance to make sure no harm comes to his family.

*This poster suggests that only men are capable of providing the necessary protection for their family. It also encourages women to take care of the children while the men fight.

[Citizenship]: Males Only

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Soldiers Eat Babies

~Name Calling~

A ridiculous propaganda poster that states that the enemy, Germany in this case, eats babies. The poster shows a vicious German eating a poor, defensless baby. The poster even says that it's a fact that German's eat babies. It then says that the reader think of the children and join the war effort to, "make those monsters PAY."

*This poster shows once again that only males are fighting in the war.

[Citizenship]: Males Only