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Friday, February 27

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We Have School, Thursday, March 5...No School Friday, March 6

End of 2nd Trimester

Thursday, March 5 marks the final day of the 2nd Trimester. Teachers will submit their grades on Monday, March 9 and reports will then be mailed out parents later that week. With an all-building mailing it takes a couple days extra as they are processed through our district office. We ask for your patience.


Iowa Assessments will be administered at Franklin beginning Monday March 9th and will continue through Thursday March 12th. Donations of morning/energizing snacks are needed for students. The snacks should be the following: bananas, Granola Bars, Go-Gurt, and String Cheese. Volunteers will also be needed to distribute snacks to students. Please visit for more information.

Iowa Assessments

The testing dates for the Iowa Assessment are quickly approaching. This will be an important week for our school. We ask for your support in ensuring that students get the following:

  • Good night's sleep.
  • Healthy breakfast at home or school.
  • Arrive to school each day of the testing.
  • Be on time.

Attendance is very important for the tests. With this year's testing window before spring break we'll be working hard to get any make-up tests done as soon as possible so we don't approach the spring break deadline. A special thanks to the PTA for their help in providing snacks for our students.

For information addressed in the district assessment parent letter please follow the link to the virtual backpack:

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Franklin First Tech Challenge Robot

On January 31 Franklin’s FTC first season came to a close with a 2nd place finish at the regional competition at Rockwell Collins. The students were able to construct the robot named “Phil” that accomplished one thing quite well…moving tubes around the competition field with laser like precision. This enabled the team to be selected for an alliance by the Kennedy high school team in the finals and rank much higher than previous competitions.

Throughout the season the team learned much. Organizing them into groups assured that all tasks were accomplished in a reasonable timeframe. Those groups were ‘builders’ who constructed the robot, ‘programmers’ who wrote the code for “Phil” and ‘communications’ who tweeted and documented the team’s progress. During competitions all students took turns driving “Phil” though. With so much knowledge gained by students and coaches, we are already aiming higher for next year’s competition.

Finally we are in the midst of a fund raising campaign with AirFX. We will be planning on a Franklin evening out in the near future and are selling raffle tickets for $5 for a prize party package for 25 (pizza, pop, tokens, etc.) Contact Mr. Kelsey or Matson to purchase.

Be Green!

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Franklin Green Team

The Franklin Green Team consists of sixth graders Kira DeBrower, Liz Evans, Taliesyn James, Zelda Siegel, Marquise Snead, and Yemurai Tavaziva. The district is holding a contest challenging every building Green Team to create a 20 second video on any aspect of recycling. Our team has chosen to address the issue of Styrofoam being used in lunch rooms across the district. Based on their research, these highly motivated and creative students learned that this material cannot be recycled, is not bio-degradable, is made from oil (a non-renewable resource), can leach styrene, a toxin, into foods, and has been linked to cancer in people. During the month of April, the winning video will be broadcast on select Mediacom channels.

Congrats Math Counts

The Franklin Math Counts team placed third out of 15 teams on Saturday at Prairie Point Middle School. Members of this amazing team were: Ben Berstain, Michael Davenport, Logan Pratt, and Isaac Twedt-Ball. The team also earned the trophy for most improved team. Michael Davenport was runner-up overall in the final buzzer round just narrowly missing the overall individual championship. Overall the team was very successful.

Congratulations to the entire team and to their coach, Mr. Smith!

"Out of Bounds" Production

On Tuesday our entire student body saw the play "Out of Bounds". This is a play designed for young audiences about the effects of bullying and cyber-bullying. While the play touched on a serious and topical issue, the delivery was one that kept our students engaged. Students learned strategies of what to do if you're the target, the bystander, or even the bully. We ask that you have a follow-up conversation with your child. With different avenues where bullying can occur it takes school and families working together.

Our students did a wonderful job following the PARRT expectations for an assembly. We received numerous compliments from the writer and performers regarding the great behavior. We were extremely proud of our entire student body.

Check out the trailer below to get a taste of what our students saw.

Out of Bounds (Youth Version): Cyber Bullying Scene

2013-14 8th Grade Class Gift

The 8th grade class of 2013-2014 donated an etching by Larry Welo (Wisconsin artisan, titled Happy Trails. They had extra money from the 8th grade party and so voted on three pieces and this one was selected.

Hy-Vee & Target Receipts

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The support through receipts from Hy-Vee and Target has been incredible. Our Hy-Vee receipts have totaled over $72,000. With Franklin receiving $1 for every $200 in receipts we have received a total of $360. This is incredible. With receipts from Target from "Take Charge of Education" we have received $296.21. We appreciate your support and will continue to collect receipts in the main office. Please drop them off at school or send them with your child.

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Prairie Honor Band

On Saturday, February 27, Franklin band students Natalia Garcia, Madelyn O’Brien, Lauren Krzywicki, Brenna McRae, Elizabeth Evans, and Hannah Krejci participated in the Young Musicians’ Honor Band. They rehearsed during the day with other 5th, 6th, & 7th graders from around the state and two outstanding guest conductors. The day concluded with a concert in Prairie High School’s beautiful concert hall.

Fine Arts' Concerts

In the past two weeks we have seen fine examples of the talent in our fine arts. One February 19 our Illumination Show Choir, Jazz Bands, and Chamber Orchestra blew the roof off the house. This was a great warm-up for our show choir as this begins competition season. This weekend Illumination will compete at Marion on Friday and Kennedy on Saturday.

February 23 featured our entire student body with the band, orchestra, and choirs. As an administrator it's great to hear the growth from one concert to the next. The students and directors have put in a lot of work and we can't wait to see the spring concerts. A big thank you to our directors, Ms. Val Shanley, Ms. Jill Fitzgerald, Ms. Nicolle Stern, Ms. Beth Davies, and Mr. Andrew Escalante.

Show Choir, Jazz Band, and Chamber Orchestra

Illumination Show Choir

Orchestra, Band, & Vocal