Closed for the Season

Mary Downing Hahn


Closed for the season is about Logan Forbes moving into an old murder house. His new neighbor, Aruthur, Tells him all he knows and they wonder who killed Mrs.Donaldson. Logan finds a note in the attic that gives clues to who embezzeled the money. The note also comes with 11 gingerbread men. They ask Mrs.Donaldson's daughter about the note.They wander through "Bealesville" and find files on "The Magic Forest". Silas is trying to find the files before anyone else to find the hidden briefcase that is filled with money. The boys find it first with the help of bear, the dog. They are caught in the woods at 4am with the breifcase and encounter Silas, Mr.DiSilvio, Johnny, and Billy. The bulldozers are ready to tear down "The Magic Forest".
Mary Downing Hahn: Closed for the Season