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Texas History and Culture


The Spanish were the first to settle in Texas where they founded the city of San Antonio. However the hostile Native Americans and Isolation from the other Spanish colonies kept the state scarcely populated. It was not until the War of Mexican Independence and the Mexican government allowing US citizens to claim land. This however brought a struggle between the American land owner and the new government that eventually brought the war for Texas. The most famous of these battles being at the Alamo. Texas did not become a legal state until 1845 and had become its own independent country.


Texas has a very proud population. They have a form of pride in their voice when they say they are from Texas and that is justly so. They went from being a part of Mexico to being an independent country for over ten years, and finally becoming a state.. Odds are when you go to Texas you will here about the Alamo or the six flags and If I were you, I'd listen. Texans are very friendly and will have no problem sitting down and having a nice talk with a complete stranger. Also you will learn to enjoy Mexican food, because of it heritage, many spanish ancestry is present here.

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South Padre Island

This is the worlds largest barrier island and is incredibly famous for its white sandy beeches. The island is split into three sections. The south is primarily a resort where thousands can swim in the ocean, stay in the many hotels, and ofcourse shop in its hundreds of clothing departments. Visitors even have a chance to go out on a boat and fish out in the gulf.
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The Alamo

This is place where Texas history was permanently cemented in the minds of the population. General Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, David Crockett and William Travis were the leading men in this fort. When Houston left for troops Bowie was left to take command and when he fell ill Travis was handed responsibility. After 13 days the siege was over. Every man inside the Alamo was killed. Sam Houston then led a vengeful siege on General Santa Ana's crippled army. It now stands as hallowed ground and a shrine to Texas liberty.
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Sea World San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio is the largest of three branches of one of the largest water parks in the world. The entire area is estimated ad 250 acres and is the worlds largest animal theme park.

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Austin State Capital

The Austin Capital was designated as a historic landmark in 1986 and is the largest capital in the United States. It is over seven feet higher than the Capital in DC.
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The River Walk

This tourist destination is also known as Paseo Del Rio, is a 2 mile stretch of restaurants, hotels, and galleries. The river walk offers 35-minuet boat rides on the river where you can sit down and enjoy a hot tasty dinner.

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Weather and Geography

Texas, because of its vast size, have a varying climate throughout the state. The eastern portion is very humid, and hot experiencing harsh thunderstorms and rain. The western portion along with the south western is incredibly dry. Winters are fairly warm compared to more northern parts of the United states, usually staying between 15 and 30 degrees.

The Spanish and Mexican Suculture

Since Texas was once a part of Mexico, who's population consisted of the Spanish, many of the subcultures are of Spanish origin. Festivals are held in many cities for those who have their roots in the Spanish culture.
Spanish Dancers at the Texas Folk Festival

So Come on Over!

What are you waiting for? This is a culturally rich and historically proud state. The people are as friendly as can be, their are endless attractions not restricted to the ones mentioned already. Texans aren't just what you see on TV, they aren't these intimidating tough guys, although don't get me wrong I'm pretty sure their are guys like Sam Elliot and John Wayne out there. So come on down! Just bring sunglasses and Sunscreen you'll need it.