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Building the love of reading in our students~

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I was struck (but not surprised) when I reread the 4th graders book drive article in last week's Catholic Herald by the following statement, "Research shows that the number of books available to a child may surpass all other variables in predicting heir long-term success in school."

Growing up, we didn't have much money for new books but reading was an important part of my life. Twice a year at my public elementary school we participated in the R.I.F. (Reading is Fundamental) Program. On these days, we got to go to the library to pick out our own new, free book to keep. Another way to get my hands on books came in the form of the "Bookmobile." The big trailer full of library books made it all the way to our Northside neighborhood where we could check them out and return them the next time it stopped. Along with my mom's encouragement, these examples of access to books built my love of reading that I carry with me today.

Thankfully, these days, there are even more ways to help our children read such as reading on a Kindle or gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Let's not forget the staying power of library books. Did you know that the Wauwatosa Public Library has one of the highest circulation of books in our area? And God bless our lovely school Book Fair and its volunteers!

Hope your family finds some time to read this weekend!

Auction (April 29th, 2023) news~

A message from Auction Chair, Jeff Ramsey:

The Auction is 4 weeks away!! It will be an AMAZING night!! A few quick reminders:

  1. Buy your tickets!! Ticket sales go through April 16 - don't miss out!! You can buy tickets at the auction website. You can also view our catalog and see what amazing prizes we have up for auction!
  2. Stay tuned! The Kids' Raffle information will be coming out next week!
  3. Volunteer to help set up (Friday, April 28) or help the night of the auction (Saturday, April 29). The more people we have for set-up, the easier it will be. If you volunteer the night of the auction, you will get a free ticket - but still will get a bid number and still have fun that night! Please visit the volunteer site to sign-up!:

We have some AWESOME items this year and our "Kentucky Derby" themed auction promises to be the social event of the season!!

Contact Jeff Ramsey ( with questions.

Prefer NOT to drive the night of the Auction?

Make a night of it!! Get those overnight babysitters for Auction!

Event Summary: Wauwatosa Catholic School Auction Gala 2023

Start Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023

End Date: Sunday, April 30, 2023

Upcoming school events~

Info from Home & School~

April's Home and School Restaurant fundraiser is at:

Papa Johns - 15% is donated to WCS

Monday, April 17th

10:0am to 10:00pm

11504 W North Ave Wauwatosa WI

In addition to dine-in, supporters can participate in this fundraiser by Take out, Delivery, and Pick up. This fundraiser does not include delivery from 3rd-party delivery apps.

Online ordering Promo Code: PJFUND15)

Family Event - Carnival. We are looking for volunteers to help plan a carnival night for our school. If you are interested in help plan this event, please contact Christina at

4th Grade collecting blankets

The students in 4th grade will be collecting new or gently used blankets for Mr. Bob's Under the Bridge which is an organization that helps people who are homeless. Consider cleaning out your linen closets over the next 2 weeks and donating to this cause.

Join us for a band and orchestra concert!

The teaching staff at Gateway Organization Milwaukee is pleased to invite you to our annual combined-schools band and orchestra concert tomorrow at 1:00pm at Wauwatosa Catholic School. This concert will feature the band and orchestra students from Mother of Good Counsel, St. Alphonsus, Wauwatosa Catholic, and Notre Dame School of Milwaukee.
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Reconciliation Monday, 4/3/23~

As a quick reminder, the students will be participating in the sacrament of Reconciliation on Monday, April 3rd. Father Michael and Father Paul will be here at 9:00am for this special sacrament.

VIP Day!

Very Important Person Day is this Thursday, April 6th. VIPs are invited to join us by 8:15am. Please report to the gym. There will be activities, Stations of the Cross in church, and a trip to the Book Fair. It's not too late to have your student invite their VIP. Call Ms. Kathy to let her know.

VIP Day attire~

Some school calendars in circulation have April 6th as a Spirit Wear Day. This is incorrect. Students should dress up as there will be activity in church.

The Book Fair returns~

We opened our second Scholastic Book Fair yesterday. Students are visiting the Book Fair during their library times and/or parents are welcome to stop in after school with their student to peruse the books. Many families utilized the eWallet feature during our last fair. If you had money left in the eWallet, students can use it this fair. You can start a new one or add to the existing eWallet. The Book Fair will run through April 6th.
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Also, save this date! (5/20/23, St. Bernard's, 5 till 8pm)

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Around Tosa Catholic this week...

Additional WCS Saints~

The torrential rain that occurred on Monday, February 27 resulted in severe flooding in the basement of the school and church. The elevator was also affected. Eight wonderful members of St. Bernard Parish answered a call for help. WCS thanked them for their gracious work by including them in our March Awards Program celebrating the attribute of Risk-Taker. Each of our honorees received a certificate and were invited to a pancake breakfast prepared and served by our eighth graders. We will never forget that flooded day or the help bestowed upon us by this group of faithful parishioners!

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Pasta lunch with Fr. Paul, our resident Salvatorian!

K4 works on hand-eye coordination in Phy. Ed. class

Need help with tuition but don't qualify for Choice?

Financial Assistance link

Click here to learn more about how to receive financial assistance for your student's tuition. This is NOT connected with Choice. You may qualify!

Parental Choice Program(s)

The next window to apply for the Milw. Parental Choice Program will open tomorrow. The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program is open if you have not applied yet and still wish to.

St. Bernard Parish E-Newsletter

St. Pius X Parish E-newsletter

The following outlines our Standard Response Protocol~

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May you continue to be prayerful this Lenten season.

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Kind regards,

Nicolle Schroeder


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Even the Top Dogs still like to play!

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