Keep Planting

Plant more plants, save the world.

Saving the world, plant by plant

Studies show that our lives depend on plants. Without plants, then our world would be completely inhabited. All of that is for one simple reason:


Yes, photosynthesis. Plants breathe in our carbon dioxide, take in water, and get sunlight, to make photosynthesis. They take the radiant energy from the sun and turn the water and carbon dioxide and water into glucose (for them to eat) and oxygen (For us to breath). In scientific terms, carbon dioxide (CO2), sunlight, and water (H2O) are our reactants. Glucose (C6H12O6) and Oxygen (O2) are our products.

The formula of photosynthesis:

More Information on Photosyntheseis

For a last bit of information on photosynthesis, let's focus on chloroplasts. Chloroplasts or the part of the organism where photosynthesis occurs. Animals do not have chloroplasts, and therefore cannot photosynthesize.

Plants are what our lives depend on!

The point of all of this information is to show how important plants are. Without plants, there would be no living human because plants turn our carbon dioxide. So instead of just sitting around when your bored, plant a plant. Because every plant counts for mankind! (Excluding plastic plants of course)