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Brook Glenn Elementary

Thelma Bigsby: David Novak Visit

Storyteller, David Novak, visited Brook Glenn 5/28/2015. His performances were magical and his price reasonable.
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Greenville Middle

Kathleen Carey: Read S'More

Greenville Middle Academy students are encouraged to Read S'More This Summer! So cute!
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Greenville High

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Janet Allen: Comic Book Day

We hosted a Comic Book Day with Robert Young from Borderlands Comics on Laurens Road. It was a HUGE success. He gave away hundreds of comic books. Borderlands organizes SC Comicon.

League Academy

Regina Joseph: David Greenberg visit

​League Academy hosted assemblies with award winning author, David Greenberg. League students were enthralled and engaged with his Civil Rights and Poetry seminars. Mr. Greenberg's father was Martin Luther King's attorney.

...and Selfie Reading Photo Contest

During the spring book fair, the League Library hosted a League Selfie Reading Photo contest. Students and staff uploaded their reading selfies and their friends and families voted on their photos. 6th, 7th and 8th grade vote winners each won a selfie stick! Their photos were wonderful and creative and are currently featured on one of the League Library webpages for your viewing pleasure!

Hillcrest Middle

Susan Dicey: 3D printing

I am one of the recipients of the Donorschoose Flash Funding by Stephen Colbert and ScanSource. ​The title of my grant is Making For Middle Schoolers ($816) and will provide a 3D printer and filament for the library makerspace.

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...and David Greenberg visit

Hillcrest Middle hosted the author David Greenberg on May 13, 2015. He presented his book, The Tugging String, to the 8th graders. Students were enthralled with his story of growing up as the son of the Civil Rights attorney, Jack Greenberg, who was Dr. Martin Luther King's attorney.

Fork Shoals Elementary

Kelley Knight: M.H. Herlong Visit

On Monday, April 13th, M.H. Herlong, author of Buddy, this year's South Carolina Children's Book Award winner, visited with 3rd-5th grade students at Fork Shoals. Ms. Herlong spoke with students about her life as a writer, living in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, and the importance of accepting "no excuses" when working toward a goal.
M.H. Herlong visits Fork Shoals School

Beck Academy

Holly Hughes: Chromebook PD

We purchased our first 45 student Chromebooks this year. Library intern, Anna Kate Ballinger, created a virtual PD for teachers on Google Docs so that they could access it and learn on their own time. Embedded in the presentation are links to screencasts created with Jing on several topics including: logging into the Chromebooks, as well as the cool sites Arounder, and
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....and Infographic Exam Review

Librarians and 8th grade science teachers Cheri Goering and Brooke Edwards worked with students using the Chromebooks and The results were stunning, summative infographics turned into real-life posters. These will hang in the classroom for a fun "walk-through" exam review.

Riverside Middle

Gaelyn Jenkins: NICU Knitting Makerspace

LevelUP@RMS, the Riverside Middle makerspace, held the first Maker Monday on February 2nd, and we had 11 students attend! Mrs. Parker, a math teacher at RMS, taught students how to knit and we will use our new skills to knit hats for preemies in the NICU! This is an on-going project and we continue to meet with Mrs. Parker on Mondays to learn more and create our hats. There are 7 completed hats so far! We chose knitting for the first Maker Monday because we knew we had a teacher interested in teaching, and because a staff member had a preemie in January and we wanted to support him and other NICU babies.
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...Reading Programs

We also did Blind Dates with books in February, a March Madness Book Bracket in March, and celebrated the students who read at least three of the SCJBA nominees. We had 25 students eligible to come to the SCJBA party in March. They enjoyed pizza and cupcakes, and voted Unchained as their favorite nominee this year!
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...and Scratch Collaboration

The most interesting collaboration so far this year has been with a 7th grade science teacher with a flipped classroom, who allowed me to come in and help design her assessment for the unit on the digestive system! We created a storyboard and rubric, and had students build a video game or animation in Scratch (a free, online coding site run by MIT). Our Media, Visual Arts and Design teacher also came in to help with Scratch during his planning period.
Students had to complete the storyboard showing a character traveling through the digestive system, including dialogue, and that was what the teacher used for a grade. Students created their character in and then went about making their games in Scratch, which required them to use their math knowledge to move characters about.
It was an engaging collaboration involving science, math and ELA standards, as well as hitting just about all the NETS/AASL standards! Definitely not without wrinkles to be worked out, especially because we were hit with snow that week, but it was fun.

Oakview Elementary

Gwendolyn Brown: New Furniture!

Our media center has been updated with new computer tables that hold our student laptops, new workstation tables for classes, and a new ActivPanel. All the furniture, from Nu-Idea, has casters so it has been flexible and easy to move around, which is perfect for group-work. The ActivPanel Touch is an interactive board where multiple students can simultaneously share ideas, practice team-based problem solving, manipulate images and edit digital content.
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...and Dan Yaccarino visit

Oakview welcomed acclaimed artist, Dan Yaccarino on April 24th. Yaccarino visited with 5th graders and shared his creations. His work includes animations for Disney and Nick Jr. Oakview was among several schools vying for the free illustrator visit. The Greenville County Museum of Art fully funded the $2,000 in costs associated with bringing Dan Yaccarino to our school. The museum will also exhibit his work.
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Beth Mitchell: Wonder Bubbles

Some of our first graders created "Wonder Bubbles" after coming up with "I wonder" questions. They were starting to study the rainforest in science so the majority of their questions were about that biome. One student wanted to know about shark teeth, though. They looked in books for their answers and shared these on their bubble along with a graphic feature of their choice.

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Paula Shaw: Smore Newsletter

Mauldin Middle Library sends out its very own Smore Newsletter to staff. Check it out!