Flow of Food: Purchase & Receiving

General Purchasing and Receiving Principles

Purchase food from Approved Reputable Supplier

  • Have been expected
  • Meets all applicable local, state, and federal laws

Receiving Principles:

Make Specific staff responsible for receiving

  • Train them to follow food safety guidelines
  • Provide them with the correct Tools

Have enough trained staff available to receive food promptly

  • Inspect delivery trucks for signs of Contamination
  • Visually check food items and check Temperatures

Store items promptly after receiving

Date Marking:

Ready-to-Eat, TCS food must be marked if held longer then 24hrs
  • Date mark must indicate when the food must be Sold, Ate, Thrown-Out

Ready-to-Eat TCS food can be stored for only 7 Days If held at 41*F (5*C) or Lower

5 Shelf Refrigerator (Top-To-Bottom)

1st Shelf: Ready-To-Eat food (135* F)

2nd Shelf: Roasts, Pork, Lamb (145* F)

3rd Shelf: Whole cuts of beef, pork, steak,Eggs served immediately (145* F)

4th Shelf: Ground meet, Ground fish (155* F)

5th Shelf: Whole & Ground Poultry (165* F)

Never store items in these areas

  1. Locker room & and Dressing room
  2. Restrooms & or Garbage rooms
  3. Mechanical rooms
  4. Under un-shielded sewer lines or leaking water lines
  5. Under Stairwell

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Store all items in designated storage areas
  • Store items away from walls and at least 6 Inches (15 Centimeters) off the floor
  • Store single-use items (Sleeve of single-use ups, single-use gloves) in original packaging

Store food in containers intended for food

Use containers that are durable, leak proof, and able to be sealed of covers

Never use empty food containers to store chemicals;

Insert a thermometer probe into the thickest part of the meat

Multiple Choice:

What is the correct temperature for receiving cold TCS food

A. 32*F (0*C) or lower

B. 41*F (5*C) or lower

C. 45*F (7*C) or lower

D. 50*F (10*C) or lower

What must be included on the label of TCS food that was prepped in-house?

A. Date that the food was received

B. Name of each TCS ingredient

C. Date that the food should be thrown out

D. List of all potential ingredients in the food

How long can TCS food that was prepped in house be stored?

A. 3 Days

B. 5 Days

C. 7 Days

D. 9 Days

What is the problem with storing raw ground beef above prepped salad?

A. Cross-Contamination

B. Poor Personal Hygiene

C. Time-Temperature abuse

D. Cross-Contact with allergens