Form Fits Function

An exploration of the 4 different tissue types

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Epithelial Cells

Epithelial Cells cover the inside and outside surfaces of the body providing protection. Pictured above is the different types of epithelium. If you notice, all of them are densely packed without any cracks. This allows them to be a protective barrier for what's on the inside.
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Muscle Cells

Muscle Cells all revolve around the contraction and extending of the cell. For example skeletal muscle must contract and extend to provide movement, smooth muscle must do the same to move substances throughout the body, and cardiac muscle must contract and extend to move blood throughout the body. The stretched form of this type of tissue allows the muscle to expand and contract to perform these functions.
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Connective Tissue Cells

Pictured above are only some of the types of connective tissue, as there is A LOT and they differ in a lot of ways. If you look at the adipose tissue, you'll notice that it appears as if most of the cell is empty other than the nucleus which pushed far off to the edge. This is because these cells act of storage for the oils and fats in our bodies. Another example of form fits function is Areolar Tissue. In this arrangement of cells you see that it is very fibrous and almost looks soft. This is because these cells cushion organs and hold them together.
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Nervous Tissue

The main function of nervous tissue is transmit nerve impulses throughout the body. When you look at the picture above, you'll notice that the largest cell has many branching arms. That is the neuron cell and the arms function in sending these signals as efficiently as possible throughout the body.

Best Fit for the Job

In my opinion the skeletal muscle cells are best fit for their job. I've always heard about muscles being compared to rubber bands. It makes sense to me that they would be able to stretch and contract to provide movement for us. In addition, I also noticed they had a very prominent nuclei. I imagine this is also important so that the cells may communicate efficiently.