Civano Community School

Dec 17, 2020


Dear Civano Families,

On Monday, December 14th, the Vail Governing Board approved to move all schools in our district to Remote Learning to begin our Spring semester. As a mitigation strategy to the pandemic, the temporary transition to Remote Learning will be from January 4th – January 22nd. We intend to resume Hybrid In-Person Learning on January 25th and continue “Brick to Click” Learning for those choosing to stay in remote learning.

A survey will be sent out in January to confirm whether your student will come back for hybrid learning or continue remotely with “Brick to Click” learning. This survey will be due January 15, 2021. We will continue with the provision for Brick to Click families to return to in-person instruction at select times along the way. Those dates will be included in the survey.

While all families have experienced some form of remote learning, either through Brick-to-Click or fully remote learning, the purpose of this letter is to review the expectations (explained below) for online learning for families.

Each teacher will share his or her class schedule with families. This will be shared on Friday, Dec. 18 and posted on Schoology. There will not be separate Hybrid and Brick-to-Click schedules during the fully remote period.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation as we navigate through each phase of school this year. If you have any questions, please reach out to or 879-1718.

We wish everyone a safe, relaxing, and restful Winter Break.


Lydia Crain

Civano Community School Coordinator

Daily Schedule

Your child’s teacher(s) will share a daily schedule with you by Friday, Dec. 18. This will also be shared on Schoology.

  • Students will be provided learning opportunities Monday through Friday in all content areas. There will be a combination of learning together (live) classes and learning independently (flexible work time) classes offered. Students will most benefit from participation in live/synchronous instruction. It is EXPECTED that your child will attend those live class meetings.

  • The school office will be open from 1pm - 3pm Monday -Friday.

Elements of Remote Learning

  • Students are expected to attend class with their teachers remotely for class meetings, core content classes (Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies), and Specials whenever they are scheduled for live instruction.

  • Special education services will be delivered remotely. Shaine Toliver (SpEd ) and Joan Carson (Speech) will coordinate services around class meetings and be in touch with families.

  • Students will be able to engage with their teachers via email or online conferencing during their scheduled class period and/or tutoring hours.

  • Student feedback will be given regularly throughout the week.

  • School Rules still apply, including appropriate behavior & clothing

  • Students follow the class schedule shared by their teacher and virtually attend and actively participate in their classes.

  • Students will need to log into Schoology at and then select their corresponding class icons to participate in classes actively.

What You Can Expect from Us:

  • Communication from teachers will be shared via email or posted to your child’s schoology folders for that class by Monday afternoon.

  • If you need materials printed or to pick up items from your child's teacher, those will be available on Weds. of each week during office hours (1pm-3pm) or by appointment.

  • Phone calls and emails will be returned within one business day.

  • Continued technology support and availability for student device issues.

What We Expect From Students:

  • Log into Schoology and complete all work Monday-Friday.

  • Have cameras on and microphone off when they join a class conference.

  • Limit “chatting” during meetings to on-topic, class discussions.

  • Be ready for instruction: computer charged and ready to use, have paper, pencil, calculator, or any other needed materials.

  • Follow our school norms for treating others respectfully and interacting appropriately with the teacher and classmates

What is expected to be happening daily?

  • Teachers are teaching, students are learning, and we are all doing it virtually.

  • Teachers will take attendance. Assigned work should be completed by the due dates.

  • If your student is sick or is absent from class, you must notify the school office by phone or email - or 879-1702.

  • If your child needs technical support, please contact Ms. Jennifer Porter at 879-3207 or


We want to hear from students and families! We want to know how you’re doing! PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to share news or information with us!


Dec 21 - Jan 1 Winter Break

Jan 4 - School Resumes, 3rd Quarter -- REMOTE Instruction

Jan 8 - Parent Survey for Hybrid/Remote choice 3rd & 4th Quarter

Jan 15 - -Parent Survey for Remote/Hybrid DUE

Jan 19 - No School * MLK Day *

Jan 25 - Return to Hybrid/Brick-to-Click Instruction