The Card

Weekly Newsletter for EMS

Weekly Events Feb 1-5

Monday February 1st

Pennies and Pj's for Lukemia

7:40 meeting with 7th grade teachers

12:25 PK observation

1:18 BG Post-observation meeting

4:00 8th vs Paola at EMS- 7th travels to Paola

Tuesday, February 2nd

Neon nickels and neon clothing for Lukemia

7:40 IEP

9:25 attendance meeting

9:50 PK Post-observation mtg

1:00 MHT

2:08 SM observation

Wednesday, February 3rd

Dazzling Dimes and Dazzling you for Lukemia

8:10 DN observation

12:28 MH post-observation

Thursday, February 4th

Crazy Quarters and Crazy hat or socks

7:40 IEP

8:20 SM Post observation mtg

9:50 KR observation

12:28 RM observation

2:08- DN post observation mtg

4:00 7 at EMS 8 @ Spring Hill

Friday, February 5th

Team up for Leukemia- wear your favorite team jersey or colors

7:40 parent meeting with 8th grade staff

10:00 Office meeting

Morning duty for the week of Feb 1-5...Gym --Garner and Gurss. Breakfast area is Tegtmeier

The bike lab is loved by everyone!