Lady Liberty

Equality for women

BY: Darice Morales, and Gabriel Moreno


IN 1897-1914 Millicent Fawcett, Emmeline Parkhurst led the suffragette movement in Europe. They rallied, went on hunger strikes and lobbied the prime minister. They achieved the right to vote, they had more positions during labor. Achieved higher ranking positions in offices. They worked in textile factories, and through these achievements, changed the viewpoint of many political leaders. They held the first ever women's rights convention in New York, and the first ever national women's rights convention in Massachusetts. They fought for their rights because they wanted to be equal in the workplace and in their homes.



Now, women fight for equality in the workplace to achieve equal pay, as well as fight for equal respect and gender equality. Now women can fight in the military,law enforcement, they can get into high ranking and high paying jobs, and some are even running in politics, such as mayoral elections, congress, senator and even the president. This related to how the women of old, fought for equal rights in their homes and in their lives, and it has impacted how women are treated, viewed, and how they live today.