Three hours to spend

A story about three hours to spend 10,000 dollars

So it was a normal morning I woke up brushed my teeth and was going to the kitchen.This is when I received the phone call that changed my entire day plan.I answered and went to the kitchen thinking it was just another phone call.When I heard what was happening I knew I was wrong.I ran out of the house and this is where my day began. The very first place I went to was the store and I bought 6 new video games which I knew were good games .After that since I walked for a while I rested for about 10 minutes.And realized I just wasted time resting immediately I went to my next location.My next location was the zoo I always loved the zoo it was always a place to have fun.What I was about to do next was unbeilievable .I bought a bear cub which was already strong and healthy.When I bought him I knew that I would have to take care of him feed him and play with him I also bought more land so he could run around more.The good thing was he already knew survival skills which was good so I would not have to completely take care of him.I fed him some deer meat which I already had I wanted him to eat his natural food so he would be healthy .After that I went inside to get my stuff I still had more to do.

I went to the electronics at another store and bought a brand new tv and laptop. And I played video games on the computer until I realize I had 30 minutes left of the three hours I had 2,000 dollars left I decide to buy new video game systems.Which cost me the rest of my money for the day I just went home to relax and play on my system.Once I did that I ate and a few hours passed .I started to feel tired as a bear and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I wished I still had the money .I went to go serve myself breakfast when I heard something it was a knock at the door.I went to answer it and someone was at the door he said he had won 10,000 dollars! I was really surprised and I said yesterday so did I !When I got another call and It said you won 10,000 dollars I was really surprised and I told him we were both extremely surprised.That Is the end of my story.