Co- Teaching for Assessment

Station Teaching, Parallel Teaching, Alternative Teaching

Station Teaching

  • Teachers divide the instructional content into two or more segments and present this content at seperate learning stations. One teacher will specifically teach content and one teacher will specifically asses for understanding of content.

  1. reduced teacher - student ratio
  2. stations focus on different aspects of a subject, so teacher can note areas of weakness and strength

Parallel Teaching

  • Two groups of students are created that work on the same content with different teaching approaches.

  1. To see which teaching approach students respond to effectively
  2. specifically target which instructions need more scaffolding
  3. helps assess the speeds of which students learn

Alternative Teaching

  • One teacher separates a smaller group of students for pre-teaching, additional review, re-teaching, teaching new learning strategies or study skills.

  1. targets a more specific assessment for improvement
  2. pre-teaching allows for pre-assessment which gives a starting off point to see student growth
  3. reduced teacher- student ratio