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Mrs. Illi & Mrs. Yula's Kindergarten Classroom Newsletter

January 18, 2016

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We hope you had a relaxing and reflective day off on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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Library Books Due...

AM Class - Tuesday, 1/19

PM Class - Monday, 1/25

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What Have We Been Up To?


  • In Math we have been practicing organizing objects so that they are easier to count and to track printed objects on paper by marking them while you count them. Using those strategies, we are continuing to visualize teen numbers as a group of ten objects and a smaller group of objects.
  • And, wow! You should see us practicing adding and subtracting number sentences! We are really starting to get the hang of it! Some of us can even do it without a grown-up's help!


  • Review of Tt, Ss, Pp, Cc, Ii

Phonological Awareness

  • We have been using the sounds of the above letters to practice sounding out words we see, breaking apart the sounds of words we hear, and spelling words by listening to a word's separate sounds.

High Frequency Words

  • I, am, the, little, a, to, have, is, my, we, have, like he, for


  • We have been writing about New Year goals for 2016, our favorite animals, animals that we could squeeze into a mitten like in that famous children's book, and spelling single words through sounding out.

Books We've Been Reading

  • A Bed for the Winter, The Mitten


  • We learned about synonyms and antonyms, cause and effect, and adjectives.
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1/19 - AM class library books due

1/20 - We welcome our student teacher, Ms. Langerhans!

1/25 - PM class library books due