The Voice of My Soul

" The Soundtrack of Your Life Project" By Kayla White


"The Voice of My Soul" is dedicated to my late grandfather, Cecil. Although he is no longer in my life, if he was to by chance hear this soundtrack, I would hope that it would show a part of my personality and how I have grown as a person since he has passed.

1. "Broken" By Lecrae ft. Kari Jobe (4:45)

Nobody in this life is perfect. Not a single soul. For me, this song helps me realize that although I may be broken, with God, his grace is greater than my flaws.
Lecrae - Broken ft. Kari Jobe (Lyric Video)

2. "Good Life" By OneRepublic (4:08)

Sometimes in life you have to stop and look around you and get lost in the "Good Life". God knows I'm willing to.
OneRepublic - Good Life

3. "Meant to Live" By Switchfoot (3:17)

In today's society, people live for fame, most liked selfie, anything that is all about them. My generation is a selfish generation. But God, didn't put us on Earth to be that way. We are meant to live for so much more.
Switchfoot - Meant To Live

4. "Learned Behavior" By The Color Morale (3:53)

I love this song because it helps remind me that you can always change the circumstances you're in. And never take things for granted because they can be taken away just as quickly as they came.
RepulseTracks | The Color Morale - Learned Behavior

5. "Ordinary Love" By U2 (3:39)

It just goes to show, we can't get anywhere in life without a bit of ordinary love. Well, I suppose you could, but it's not a life I want to live.
U2 - Ordinary Love (From Mandela OST) Lyric Video

6. Heaven (Little by Little) By Theory of A Deadman (4:19)

This song has helped to lift me up, when I'm struggling with a lot of things on my mind. It's hard to explain why, but I can really relate to the lyrics.
Heaven [Little by Little]

7. "Better Days" By The Goo Goo Dolls (3:29)

One day, just one, I would love to see a day where everyone could set aside their differences and have a little bit more understanding in each other. I would like to see positive things on the news, a little bit more hope in someones eyes, something that shows that there are better days ahead.
Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days [Official Music Video]

8. "Believe" By Mumford & Sons (3:47)

We all have a hard time believing things in life. We constantly question things all the time. I know I do. Too much to be exact. I guess sometimes we all need a little reassurance.
Mumford & Sons - Believe (Official Audio)

9. "Awake My Soul" By Mumford & Sons (4:41)

In life all I want is to experience great things. Things that awake my soul.
Awake my soul. Mumford & Sons. Subtítulos español.

10. "Shatter Me" By Lindsey Stirling Ft. Lzzy Hale (5:19)

I think about the future quite a bit now that I'm getting ready to graduate, and at times I'm fearful, but I can relate to this song because, even though I may be a little uneasy about what the future holds, it can hold something great, all I have to do to see it is shatter my fear.
Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

11. "Time" By Pink Floyd (7:05)

Time is such a precious thing in life. Yet for me, it goes by so quickly. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there is enough hours in the day.
Pink Floyd - Time (Lyrics included)

12. "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" By Creedence Clearwater Revival (2:41)

This song means the world to me because it reminds me of good memories I had with my grandfather. We used to ride down the road listening to good ole Creedence. This was my favorite song on the CD. Track 7 actually. Oh how I miss those days.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Have You Ever Seen The Rain?