The JS Library Space and Makerspace

Renovations, Research in Action and the Makerspace

We opened the doors....

After being theoretically 'homeless' for a term, where we were operating as a virtual library for the first part of the year, we have now moved into our newly renovated library.

At the start of Term 2 we began set up the library space. This transfer has taken some time to set up, with the need to consider how to reconfigure the shelving for the new design, how to adapt the additional spaces to ensure usage was maximized and we were awaiting the delivery of new furniture that would provide for adaptable use of the spaces.

Many hands were involved in supporting our evolution.

Each day many little faces were looking hopefully in through the glass doors- waiting - patiently - for when we could open and resume operations.

Design of the Space

We are fortunate to be in an exciting time educationally, where the design of learning spaces has moved from being purely functional to being flexible, with the needs of learner being considered as a key component of the planning process.

The design of the library learning areas is based on the Campfires, Caves and Watering holes archetypal learning spaces research and Stephen Heppell's Me, We and See principles for developing learning spaces.

The students' feedback (as seen in the word cloud) reflects their observations about the new space. One surprising observation made by many was the misconception that we had more books.

It is lovely to be able to have students access them so easily now and am sure that circulation of resources will increase due to the layout and ease of access.

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The Spaces

As a part of the community having ownership and input into the development of the learning spaces, we have had many suggestions for the names for these areas.

Some of the suggestions were extremely creative.

The key learning areas will be known by:

  • The Campfire
  • The Book Nook
  • The Makerspace

The Inaugural #GDD

There were just far too many exciting things to explore for us to fit this into one day alone. So, we celebrated the Global Day of Design over a series of days.

The students were given a design task, formed teams and came up with a plan of attack using a design thinking scaffold.

It was interesting to see the change and development of skills over the course of the week.

Action Research

In 2016, we are conducting Action Research in the Junior School. This research is based on work in the JS Makerspace and embedded into Units of Inquiry. The focus in Term 2 has been on the Year 2 Sharing the Planet unit.

Overall our goal is to improve the student learning outcomes, through improving student metacognition - 'thinking about the thinking'.

Combined Movie The Water Cycle Yr 2
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PYP Teacher Librarian Job Like Day

The purpose of the day was to share practice and build networking between PYP Teacher Librarians.

We were began the day with a See - Think - Wonder thinking strategy about the use of the library space.

The 'Walk the Walls' approach provided a springboard for questions and discussion about what we do and why we do it.

It was a valuable experience due to the opportunity to discuss our work and the changing nature of the library field through the lens of the PYP.