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October 2020

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A Letter from our principal, Mrs. Walk

Hello Parents,

This has been a school year for the record books! I feel like we have made more changes in the first month than we typically make in a whole year...and many of them have been very major changes. We've all been forced to get creative and become problem solvers and recognize that many times the "right" answer is not the one we like best. It's been good for me as an adult to work on resiliency! We stress the importance of being resilient in our kids and we work to help them develop this trait. Now, we know why - this is a life skill that will help them in many aspects of their lives as they make their way through our changing world.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about our upcoming levy. I simply want to stress that this levy means ZERO increase in taxes and will help secure funding for our district as we look to the future. This levy represents 20% of our district's operating budget. This is huge!! We simply will not be able to maintain the staffing and programming we currently have in place without the passage of this levy. Please remember why you chose to move to Beavercreek. Please remember the good things that are in place for our kids. Please take time to vote!

I thank each of you for all that you do from home. You are your child's first teacher and I respect the role you play as we work together to help each child learn and grow to his/her potential.


Lisa Walk

Notes From the Front Office


Our morning drop-off is getting better every day!

Reminders for Morning Drop-Off:

* Please pull all the way up in line (even if you have a fifth grader going into the


* Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle when you come to a stop.

* Have your child get out of your car anywhere along the front sidewalk.

* Do not park in the parking lot and send your child across in front of cars...


* Do not park in the parking lot and walk your child across...causes serious delays.

* Do not pass along the left side of the line up - just in case kids get out on that side.

* Thank you for your terrific smiles each morning!

New instructions for early dismissal, late arrivals and absences.

Please set up a distribution list consisting of your child’s teacher, and Please notify us by email, early in the morning and let us know of any of the above changes. For early dismissals, call when you arrive in the parking lot, and we will try to have your child ready for you when you come in to the foyer to sign them out.

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Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Tate

October is Bullying Prevention Month

As parents, you are the greatest resource to your child in understand what bullying is and how to handle it. Check out the information from on ways that you can support your child.

Bullying is:

o Repeated, unwanted aggressive behavior towards someone.

o It is done on purpose and there is usually a real or perceived imbalance of power.

o Bullying can be social, verbal, physical, or cyber.

Bullying is not:

o Joking around (everyone is having fun and participating equally).

o Conflict (two people with a balance of power that have a fight, argument, or disagreement and a solution can be found.

o A one-time thing (someone is being mean on purpose usually as a reaction to a strong emotion or feeling and only happens once/doesn’t repeat itself).

How to Prevent Bullying

Parents, school staff, and other caring adults have a role to play in preventing bullying. They can:

Help Kids Understand Bullying

Kids who know what bullying is can better identify it. They can talk about bullying if it happens to them or others. Kids need to know ways to safely stand up to bullying and how to get help.

  • Encourage kids to speak to a trusted adult if they are bullied or see others being bullied. The adult can give comfort, support, and advice, even if they can’t solve the problem directly. Encourage the child to report bullying if it happens.
  • Talk about how to stand up to kids who bully. Give tips, like using humor and saying “stop” directly and confidently. Talk about what to do if those actions don’t work, like walking away
  • Talk about strategies for staying safe, such as staying near adults or groups of other kids.
  • Urge them to help kids who are bullied by showing kindness or getting help.
  • Watch the short webisodes and discuss them - PDF with kids.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Research tells us that children really do look to parents and caregivers for advice and help on tough decisions. Sometimes spending 15 minutes a day talking can reassure kids that they can talk to their parents if they have a problem. Start conversations about daily life and feelings with questions like these:

  • What was one good thing that happened today? Any bad things?
  • What is lunch time like at your school? Who do you sit with? What do you talk about?
  • What is it like to ride the school bus?
  • What are you good at? What do you like best about yourself?

Talking about bullying directly is an important step in understanding how the issue might be affecting kids. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but it is important to encourage kids to answer them honestly. Assure kids that they are not alone in addressing any problems that arise. Start conversations about bullying with questions like these:

  • What does “bullying” mean to you?
  • Describe what kids who bully are like. Why do you think people bully?
  • Who are the adults you trust most when it comes to things like bullying?
  • Have you ever felt scared to go to school because you were afraid of bullying? What ways have you tried to change it?
  • What do you think parents can do to help stop bullying?
  • Have you or your friends left other kids out on purpose? Do you think that was bullying? Why or why not?
  • What do you usually do when you see bullying going on?
  • Do you ever see kids at your school being bullied by other kids? How does it make you feel?
  • Have you ever tried to help someone who is being bullied? What happened? What would you do if it happens again?

There are simple ways that parents and caregivers can keep up-to-date with kids’ lives.

  • Read class newsletters and school flyers. Talk about them at home.
  • Check the school website
  • Go to school events
  • Greet the bus driver
  • Meet teachers and counselors at “Back to School” night or reach out by email
  • Share phone numbers with other kids’ parents

Encourage Kids to Do What They Love

Help kids take part in activities, interests, and hobbies they like. Kids can volunteer, play sports, sing in a chorus, or join a youth group or school club. These activities give kids a chance to have fun and meet others with the same interests. They can build confidence and friendships that help protect kids from bullying.

Model How to Treat Others with Kindness and Respect

Kids learn from adults’ actions. By treating others with kindness and respect, adults show the kids in their lives that there is no place for bullying. Even if it seems like they are not paying attention, kids are watching how adults manage stress and conflict, as well as how they treat their friends, colleagues, and families.

Staff Spotlight

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Intramural Update

A Note From Mr. Ferguson, PE

Trebein Intramurals will be starting soon for the 4th and 5th grade students who are interested in participating. Trebein Intramurals will be before school from 7:45am on Mondays and Wednesdays starting October 26th and ending December 9th. Each student will meet once a week to play Matball with their assigned team. The schedule for the current week and the next week will be posted on Trebein’s webpage and in the gym outside of my office. The students will be responsible for knowing their schedule for the week, as the schedule will vary week to week so each team can play other teams. Intramural students are to be dropped off in front of Trebein Elementary between 7:45 – 7:50am. Students will need to walk down between Coy and Trebein. Mr. Ferguson will be waiting for them at the doors by the cafeteria on the Trebein side by the gym to let them in. It is very important that they be dropped off promptly so they can have the full time to participate. Sign up forms will be given to students in class starting September 30th and will be due by October 16th. The schedule will be posted by October 21st. Teams will only be posted outside of my office due to safety reasons. I look forward to helping increase our students’ physical activity time to contribute to a healthy lifestyle!

Stocking Success

Thank you to everyone who chipped in to show our appreciation for our terrific staff by contributing to Stocking our Staff Breakrooms last week!

We LOVE Trebein!

Who's Hungry?

Free Lunch! - You should have received information

about the fact that ALL students will be

entitled to free lunch through December 31st! This is a government

funded opportunity and is not being paid from

district funds.

Get a Tattoo for your Driveway!

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Book Fair News

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Stay Connected

This year we are doing things a little different for the directory. We want to make sure that all families are included in the directory, whether your student is doing traditional or online school this fall. The directory will be a PDF File that Mrs. Walk will email to all of our Trebein families. Only the information which you have given permission to share will be included. We are hoping this will be a good way for students to stay in touch with friends even if they are using a different classroom option. Please use the following link to provide your information.

Show Your Spirit!

Check out these amazing and stylish ways to show your Trebein Timberwolf Spirit! To order, either click on the link below or use the order form that will be coming home with your student.

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A Letter from our PTO President, Meghan Morgan

Dear Trebein Families,

Whether this semester finds your student(s) home on an iPad/ Chromebook or using pencil and paper in the building, the Trebein PTO welcomes you all to the new school year! Please allow me to introduce you to our Executive Board for the 2020-2021 school year.

President: Meghan Morgan

Vice President: Angi Augsburger

Treasurer: Lanie Chuang

Secretary: Jen Baxter

Fundraising Coordinator: Kathy Nyholm

Volunteer Coordinator: Jenna Stites

Historian: Kristie Gotwald

Did you know that as a parent/guardian of a Trebein student, you are an automatic member of our PTO? The Trebein PTO, consisting of parents and teachers, works to support and enrich all students’ school experiences. There is no membership fee.

What can you expect this year? While we normally have a full calendar of activities and events for students and families, we will have to take a different approach this year. But, rest assured, we remain mission-driven. That means supporting Trebein by giving our community as much normal as we can by providing resources for teachers through supply funds and grants, purchasing extra classroom materials and subscriptions and more. Though we won’t be raising money for the usual things like field trips and playground equipment, we know that the funds we do raise this year will be used purposefully by our staff to make this year the best year it can be! All of our students’ experiences will be enriched by us trying new things, raising funds in creative ways, and by establishing new ways to connect and create school community. Our PTO commits to including all children every chance we are able and prioritizing diversity and inclusion efforts. But know, we’ve never done school like this before. Nor have we done PTO like this before. But we do know that we have done so much in the past together and we expect that that same spirit will drive the Trebein community in 2020-2021!

Our school has been extremely successful in meeting our fundraising goals through our annual Fun Run, which takes places in the fall. In addition, the PTO participates in three easy and free fundraising programs that we’d love your support in, including Box Tops for Education, Kroger Community Rewards, and Amazon Smile.

How can you get involved? We welcome your participation from donating items, to volunteering for PTO positions/duties when possible, and attending committee planning or PTO meetings. Whether your student is online or in the building, we encourage you to follow our Facebook page at and visit our website under the “parents” tab at If you’re new to Trebein, please accept our most sincere welcome! And, if you’re a returning Timberwolf family, welcome back!


Meghan Morgan

Military Lunch Bunch

Your military-connected student is invited to join lunch bunch twice a month. We meet as a small group to build friendships among military students.



Tuesdays: Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4th grade

Thursday: 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade

Lunch bunch will be held on the cafeteria stage

Students will be divided by homeroom and weekly reminders will be sent to classroom teachers:

1st and 3rd weeks of each month: Bolton, Maas, DeFelice, Carson, Howard, Torbeck, Curliss, Stapleton, Griffitts, B. Long, Overholser, Busch, Kahlig, Long, Whiteman, Wical, Byrd

2nd and 4th weeks of each month: Rice, Winger, Wiley, Jones, Siefker, Schweizer, Fischer, Tincu, Curd, Hoh, McNachtan, Loper, Malin, Morse, Booher, Holstein

This program is run by the Military and Family Life Counseling program. If you have questions or need the ZOOM log in, please contact Pam Woodard: or 937-689-1193

Military Student Zoom Meetings

Quarter 2 (Oct 20-Dec15)

Trebein Elementary



Trebein Elementary virtual students

Tuesday afternoon by grade level

Go to: ZOOM.US

Trebein Kindergarten and 1st grade military group

Tuesday 2:00-2:30PM

Meeting ID: 926 9818 0405

Passcode: 109752

Trebein 2nd grade and 3rd grade military group

Tuesday 2:30-3:00pm

Meeting ID: 937 4785 5750

Passcode: 778087

Trebein 4th grade and 5th grade military group

Tuesday 3:00-3:30pm

Meeting ID: 950 1482 5740

Passcode: 825927

This program is run through the Military and Family Life Counseling Program.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email or call Pam Woodard at cell phone 937-689-1193

Trebein Elementary PTO Calendar

August 2020

21 *Staff Welcome Back Lunch

24 First Day of School for virtual students

24/25 Staggered start for traditional students

September 2020

2 Character Education


8 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm**

11 Fun Run Kickoff

14- 10/2 Fun Run Donation Drive

18 *Stock the Breakroom

October 2020

2 Fall Picture Day

2 Custodian Appreciation Day

7 Character Education

9 Fun Run

13 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm**

16 *Staff Appreciation Event

16-28 Box Tops Collection

19- 11/1 Virtual Book Fair

23 End of Quarter/Early Dismissal 2:45 pm

November 2020

4 Character Education

10 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm**

20 *Staff Appreciation Event


December 2020

2 Character Education

2 Special Education Appreciation Day

8 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm**

18 *Staff Appreciation Event


January 2021


6 Character Education

12 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

13 End of Quarter/Early Dismissal 2:45 pm

15 *Stock the Breakroom


February 2021

1-5 School Counselor Week

3 Character Education

9 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm


16-26 Box Tops Collection

19 *Staff Appreciation Event

27 Carnival

March 2021

3 Character Education

8 **Tentative Skate Party**

9 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

19 End of Quarter/Early Dismissal 2:45 pm

19 *Staff Appreciation Event


April 2021

1 Paraprofessional Appreciation Day



6 School Librarian Appreciation Day

7 Character Education

13 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

16 Purple Up Day

21 Administrative Professionals Appreciation Day

May 2021

1 School Principal Day and School Lunch Hero Day

5 Character Education

3-7 *Teacher Appreciation Week

8 Founders Run

11 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

12 School Nurse Appreciation Day

18 SLP Day

24-25 Field Days

28 5th Grade Send Off

28 Last Day/Early Dismissal 2:45 pm

Please note that these dates are subject to change!

* Staff and Teacher Appreciation events are not attended by parents. They are noted because you will see donation sign-ups for these dates on the PTO Facebook page.

** PTO Meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice. Please check our Facebook page for up to date information for meetings! Check out our monthly calendars in the newsletter & on our Facebook page for all updates!

Character Education days: Please have your student wear their grade level color/grade level shirts (with their class year on back) or any shirt their grade level color to show support for Character Ed Day! An order form for grade level shirts will come home near the start of the year if you need a new/replacement shirt!

KG- Green

1st- Yellow

2nd- Blue

3rd- Red

4th- Orange

5th- Purple

PTO Meetings

Monthly PTO Meetings 7:00 pm

September 8, 2020

October 13, 2020

November 10, 2020

December 8, 2020

January 12, 2021

February 9, 2021

March 9, 2021

April 13, 2021

May 11, 2021

Meetings on Zoom until further notice

If you have anything to contribute to the newsletter, please send an email to Katrina Wrzesinski and Suzy Massengill at