Football's Drawback's


As I woke up and got ready for an ordinary game day. I was not expecting my playing time would come to an abrupt stop. It was early in the third quarter when we did my favorite play, “h-pass’’. I came out of the backfield, caught the ball and was immediately hit from behind and the slammed my head into the ground. I was slow to get up but everything was white for split second, and a high-pitched noise was present. I knew Something wasn’t right. Yes I had a concussion. Scientific evidence has shown that some players who have played in leagues up from high school have gotten CTE from repetitive head injuries. Head manufacturers have designed new and safer helmets to reduce the risk of head injuries. Another problem was ex-players were filing lawsuits.

When/why did head injuries become issue

There are many brain disorders, but the one that is common for repetitive head injuries is CTE. After researchers studied 128 brains of football players(that are deceased) that have played in leagues up from high school to pro, found that 101 or 80% tested positive for CTE.(Jason M.)

CTE is chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE triggers progressive degeneration of brain tissue. It also causes an abnormal build up of a protein in the brain called tau according to Boston University

The NFL has lawsuits filed against them from ex-players do to them developing brain trauma. They would pay out $900 million for the players that developed any brain trauma from football. (Belson)

Another problem was about each year in the mid 20th century as much as 30 people were dying from head injuries. I think 1 or 2 people are too many and that time had 30.(Wilson)

What were the effects of head injuries/and symptoms

In the NFL former stars like Dave Duerson, Ray Easterling, and Junior Seau have committed suicide due to head injuries. The NFL stars were roughly getting 1500 concussions each year.(Foster)

One major way concussions can be detected is loss of consciousness. Less serious signs are dizziness, loss of balance, or the athlete doesn't remember what happened.(Horodyski)

On a more serious note you can break blood vessels or bruise the brain. If the brain swells it can cut off blood flow and oxygen to itself. In some cases death can occur.(Horodyski)

What improved in head safety

The coaching styles are one thing that has tremendously changed, instead of telling players to play through the pain they encourage them to tell why something doesn't feel right. In addition to new coaching styles, the NFL has tighten the rules to protect the athletes.(Horodyski)

Big names in the helmet business like Riddell and Schutt are following newer rules for on field helmets proposed by the NFL and NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment)(Horodyski)

For the young, they have started clinics for tackling. I know in Menasha they have a clinic called Tackle Sure. They teach how to properly take form when tackling.

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This is the Riddell 360


As a football player myself I know what its like to have a concussion. Helmet manufacturers have new and safer designs. My hope is one day they can ensure the safety of the players and lower the concussion stats.