Branches of Government

Brianha Powers


The United States government is separated into three branches: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. The Legislative Branch is home to the United States Congress, which is made up of the House of Representatives and Senate. They are in charge of making all laws, declaring war, regulating interstate and foreign commerce, and in control of taxing/spending policies. The Executive Branch is made of the President and his/her advisers. They are responsible for enforcing the laws of the country. Lastly, the Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court. They make the decisions in weather or not the laws are constitutional or not.


The founding fathers felt it was important to organize the 13 colonies in some way, shape, or form but not be too powerful. There needed to be a firm ground for all the states to be involved in but also leave room for states to govern themselves. Not one person was to have control like in Britain, so instead the founding fathers wrote the Articles of Confederation, from that the U.S Constitution was created.


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