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The Day Job div reduces the n ° of objects on which attention and airport queue management solutions effort should be applied. It is the best way to get the most out of individuals and communities. Applies to All Jobs, who set in motion and requiring people of these various kinds of capacity. Tends to the specialization of functions and separation of powers. The Day Job has div that limits the experience and sense of proportion are taught not to cross.

Authority - Responsibility The authority is the right to command and the power to become a recognized leader obedecer.Se personal authority consists of intelligence, knowledge, experience, moral courage, aptitude command, etc.. airport queue management solutions In a good boss 's personal authority is the essential complement to the legal authority. Authority is inconceivable without the responsibility. The responsibility is a corollary of the authority, its natural consequence, its indispensable counterweight. Where the authority is exercised responsibility arises.

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The nec sanction, which has its source in the sense of justice, is confirmed and heightened by the consideration that, in the public interest, it is necessary to encourage useful actions and prevent lacking this character. The punishment of acts of authority is part of the essential airport queue management solutions conditions of good administration.

This sanction is difficult to apply, it is necessary to establish the degree of responsibility and then the amount of the penalty. The penalty is a matter of conventional use, and the judge, to establish, must consider the act itself, the surrounding circumstances and the impact airport queue management solutions it can have the sanction. The trial requires high moral value, fairness and firmness.

If all these conditions are not met is to be feared that the sense of responsibility of the company disappears. The responsibility is a source of respect. Responsibility is feared as the authority is coveted. Fear paralyzes responsibility initiatives and destroys good qualities. A good leader must have and expand around the courage of responsibilities.

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Continuous relationships between services, the natural fabric of the functions and powers often imprecise create a constant danger of duality. If a airport queue management solutions shrewd boss does not put things in order usurpation of functions that hinder and jeopardize the progress of the business occur. The duality of command is a perpetual source of conflict. Unit address A boss and only one program for a set of operations that tend to the same end The steering unit is created by a good constitution of the social body, the control unit depends on the performance of staff.

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These elements contribute to the smooth running of a business is not only available at the workshop, are formed and refined out of it : in the family, at school, in the civil and religious life. The employer is obliged to care for airport queue management solutions their agents outside the factory. The employer's action may be taken out of sizes whenever discreet and wise, you do want rather than impose, which is in relation to the culture and tastes of stakeholders and respects their freedom. Must be a benevolent collaboration. The welfare work you can perform the pattern is varied.

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All means of payment that can enhance the value of the lives of staff and stimulate the zeal of the officers of all categories should be subject to continuous attention from airport queue management solutions the heads. centralization Centralization is a fact of the natural order, is that in every organism, sensations converge to the brain or the address to which this or that depart from the orders set in motion all over the body. Centralization is not a system in itself good or bad administration. The issue of centralization or decentralization is a matter of degree. It is favorable to find the company limit.

In small business, which directly report to the head will lower agents, centralization is absolute. In major companies, where the head is separated from the lower agents, orders, must go through a series of intermediaries. C / Agte. puts a bit of airport queue management solutions himself in the transmission and execution of orders as in the transmission of the impressions received. The degree of centralization must vary according to circumstances.

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Efforts should be made the best use of the powers of all staff. The extent of centralization or decentralization can be variable as the absolute and relative value of the chief agents and models are subject to continuous transformation. That problem does airport queue management solutions not exist only for the top boss, but to the heads of all categories. There are none of them that you can expand or restrict the initiative of subordinates. hierarchy The hierarchy consists of the number of heads that runs from the airport queue management solutions top to the bottom Employment.

The hierarchical approach is the path followed, communications that start from a higher authority or which are addressed to him. This path is imposed by the nec safe transmission and the control unit. But it is not always faster. There are many operations where success depends on fast execution, it is necessary to reconcile, respect airport queue management solutions the chain of command with the obligation to act quickly. In the small business is easy to forget the public interest, the company itself, but the pattern is there to remember that this interest will try to forget.

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