Spring 2016 Semester Kick-Off Notes

Important Parent Information - Please Read!

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Welcome to NGHE's Spring 2016 Semester!

Below is important information for you to review for the new semester at NGHE.

Class Dates & Times
  • All classes are held on Mondays at North Lanier Baptist Church (NLBC) located at 829 Atlanta Highway in Cumming, GA 30040. A complete class calendar can be found at this link.

  • Spring 2016 Semester dates are Jan. 11 thru May 16 (16 weeks). Classes will not meet the following Mondays: Jan. 18 (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday), Feb. 15 (President's Day holiday), and Apr. 4 (Spring Break).

  • Classes are 50-minutes in length (with the exception of the morning "The Big Show!" theater ensemble group from 10-11:50 and "JumpStart!" unit studies program from 10-2:20). Regular class times are 10-10:50, 11-11:50, 12:30-1:20, 1:30-2:20, 2:30-3:20, 3:30-4:20.


  • Please park in the church's parking lot and enter through the main foyer (under the "Welcome Center" sign).

  • Students in 3rd grade and up can be dropped off at the door via the circular drive in front of the Welcome Center. Please take special care pulling out as this drop-off point can be very busy!

  • Room assignments and campus maps are available at the front desk. Copies of student schedules are also be available if your student forgot to bring theirs.

  • NGHE team members are available to help direct students to classrooms, if needed.

  • The restrooms for all students and parents is located just in the Welcome Center, near the front desk. Note: Please do not use restrooms located near the church offices as these are designated for church personnel only!

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Students may be dropped off as early as 10-minutes prior to their first class start time; however, we ask that parents please pick up students immediately after their last class session ends.

  • Grades K-2nd students must be escorted to their first classroom by parents and picked up by parents at their last classroom each Monday. NGHE team members will escort K-2nd grade students to their other classes throughout the day.

  • Only students in 6th grade and up may exit the building at the end of the day for student pick-up in the parking lot or circular driveway in front of the Welcome Center. Students in Grades 3-5 should wait in the Welcome Center Atrium for parent pick-up. Students in Grades K - 2nd must be picked up by parents at their last classroom (no exceptions!).

Snacks & Lunch

  • If your student is taking a morning class and also staying for afternoon classes, a supervised lunch area will be provided from 11:50-12:20* to eat their packed lunch. *JumpStart! PreK-2nd program students eat from 11:20-11:50, prior to older student's arrival 11:50.

  • There is no refrigerator available for keeping items cold. However, there are two microwaves available. Please note that the line for heating items can be long, so it is recommended that lunches be cold and not require heating!

  • If your student's first class doesn't start until 12:30, but you would like them to eat lunch on campus, you are welcome to drop them off at 11:50. Lunch break is a great way for your student to make some new friends!

  • Snacks are allowed during the 1:30 class and in-between classes only. Please send snacks and water bottle (no gum, please!) clearly marked with student's name on their backpack. Snacks and bottled water are also available for purchase ($1 each) at the "NGHE Snack Shack" in the Welcome Center.

  • It is important that students pick up all their items after lunch, push in their chairs, and clean up any mess or trash left on table and floor. Fitness classes take place immediately after lunch in the gym and therefore the gym needs to be clean and safe! *Note: students are not allowed to sit on the church stage or on the gym floor at any time.

Additional Supplies & Fees
  • All supplies will be provided unless otherwise required by the teacher for the student to purchase/bring to class (such as a textbook, safety goggles, or a laptop computer as specified at time of registration).

  • Classroom laptops are available for rent for $25 for the semester, if needed. Please email info@northgahomeschool.org to reserve one. Note: NGHE rented laptops do not leave the classroom and do not go home with students.

  • If you are unsure of what textbook you need to purchase for an enrolled class, please refer to the course catalog at this link.

Class Additions & Changes
  • As stated in the online registration agreement, refunds are not granted after registration has been completed.

  • All class additions and changes must be entered online at this link. Adding or changing a class will only be approved and processed if the new class is not full and student is at the appropriate grade level for that class.

  • Once a change or addition has been approved, a payment (or credit) will be processed for the difference in tuition and supply fees for new class(es).

  • All class changes will each be charged a $25 administration fee.

Payment Plan Reminder

  • If you chose the monthly payment plan for your student(s), please remember that the remaining 80% of the total amount due will be billed into 4 equal payments and will be automatically withdrawn using your designated credit card/debit card on the following dates:

  1. January 1, 2016
  2. February 1, 2016
  3. March 1, 2016
  4. April 1, 2016

(Note: For late registrants, payments will be deducted Feb. 1, Mar. 1, Apr. 1 and May 1)

  • If an auto-payment is declined due to an expired credit or debit card, or due to non-sufficient funds/credit limit, or an expired or replaced card, a fee of non-payment fee of $30 will be assessed.

NGHE's "3 Strike Rule" for Class Conduct Violations

Please take a moment to review NGHE's Class Guidelines at this link. Each parent and student should be fully aware of these guidelines so there is no confusion during our very limited and valuable time together. Here is a quick review of the "3 Strikes" for discipline:

  1. The first time a student violates these guidelines or acts in a disrespectful or disruptive manner, the teacher will give a verbal warning to the student and call the parent.
  2. The second time the students acts out in the same manner, the teacher will share the incident with the parent in writing.
  3. If a student continues the behavior after two warnings, NGHE will ask a parent to accompany the student to class or ask that the student be removed from the class.

It is unlikely that NGHE will ever have to remove a student from class, but on the rare chance that NGHE does, NGHE will not refund the tuition, supply fees or registration fees for that session.

Welcome Center

Need a place to sit and gather your thoughts, read a devotional, answer some emails, plan your curriculum/school week or simply to meet some other homeschooling moms? NGHE has designated the Welcome Center Lobby area as a place just for you!

There are plenty of chairs and tables, Wi-Fi, and freshly brewed coffee and hot water for tea. This is also a "study hall" area where students 6th grade and up can work if they have a gap in classes. Note: Students in grades K-5 and all younger siblings must have parent supervision in this area at all times!

Lost & Found

Just a reminder that NGHE has a Lost & Found behind the front desk in the Welcome Center lobby. This past Monday, 5 water bottles with no names were left behind at the end of the day. Students can check with front desk personnel if they've lost one.

Parents, if at all possible, please mark your student's book bags, binders, notebooks, lunch boxes, back packs and water bottles with their names. This will make it easier to identify lost items with their owners.

Please help us to remind students the importance of keeping their valuables either at home or with them at all times (including cell phones, tablets, wallet/purses, cash, orthodontia devices, and eye glasses).

Valuables Disclaimer

Note that every attempt will be made to lock up any valuable items left behind on campus at the end of each Monday. However, in all cases of both student and staff possessions, North Georgia Homeschool Enrichment LLC and North Lanier Baptist Church cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Inclement Weather Protocol & Policy
NGHE follows the protocol of Forsyth County School closings, late starts and early dismissals. In cases of inclement weather, we will alert every parent and teacher by email, and also post to NGHE's website and Facebook page when NGHE starts late, dismisses early, or closes.

If NGHE must cancel a day of classes, every effort will be made to arrange a "make up" day in May for the missed day. However, since NGHE schedules space with North Lanier Baptist Church, there is no guarantee that the church will have a make-up day available. In such cases of closings, late starts and early dismissals, NGHE has a no-refund policy for canceled classes.

Contacting NGHE

  • In case of emergency, please call NGHE at 404.985.7686 or North Lanier Baptist Church at 770.781.5433 and the church receptionist will transfer your call to an NGHE team member at the front desk.

We are looking forward to a great semester with all our NGHE students, parents and teachers!