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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

YTD Attendace 95.23

High Expectations, High Achievement, Everyone, Everyday

Thank you and we appreciate your patience. Due to mandatory PARCC assessment, limited computer labs, and lack of sub coverage, preps have been scarce and we are aware of it. A plan is in place to make them up. Your preps will be made up. That being said, we truly appreciate the teaching professionals who have assisted by providing solutions, minimized complaints, and refrained from spreading negativity. Considering the hostile environment of the district and load of stress that we are all burdening, may I respectfully suggest that the few of you who constantly feel the need to publicly vent and bring your colleagues spirits down please stop! It is getting old and predictable. As always, I have a open door policy and if you have a pressing issue, please give me an opportunity to assist and/or problem solve.

Please know that I am committed to serving you and our scholars. It is imperative that we keep our heads up, stay focused on instruction, and support each other accordingly.

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Warning, warning, warning, warning, please do not allow your scholars to be unsupervised in the hallways. You should know the whereabouts of your scholars at all times! If a scholar was with you at 10AM and suddenly missing at 10:15AM it’s your responsibility to inquire.
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PARCC Administration

Monday, March 28th, 9:30am to Friday, May 13th, 3:45pm

3030 West Harrison Street

Chicago, IL

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Please make sure that your grades in Gradebook are current, as we will be checking each week for grades updated weekly. Keep in mind that there needs to be 2 grades per content area per week for all teachers, with CCSS and activity descriptions evident. Additional reminder that this is part of your Professional Responsibilities in REACH, thank you.

Student Logger: The expectation is consistent use of student logger. Student Logger is the tool that the MTSS team will be utilizing weekly to provide supports and resources for our scholars. Please note that It’s not enough to just casually talk about it, please log it today. Please take a moment to peruse the categories that are available.

Please be courteous to your colleagues by picking up your scholars from their resource classes in a timely matter.

Be sure to check your email twice a day at minimum.

Classroom Management and Hallway management is your professional responsibility. Dr. Okafor-Conley, Dr. Jordan, or Dean Alcide will be meeting with teachers who are need of supports. Classroom management is not an option it is a necessity for success.

Please keep in mind that our student’s safety is a major priority. It takes less than 15 seconds for the unpredictable to happen. Please ensure that our scholars are supervised 100% of the time. Students should not be sent on random errands (i.e. teacher’s lounge, office to get paper, etc.) Please use your professional discretion as to what constitutes an emergency when sending students into the hall. In addition, if you have been assigned certain duties, please be sure to report on-time and be actively engaged with the students.

Best Practices:

  • Students should not be left unattended in the classroom.
  • When transitioning from one location to another walk behind or mid-way of the line with your eyes on all.
  • “No quick run-ins” I.e. Let me run into the office real quick, remember with our scholars somethings happen ”real quick”.

Middle School CNN Student News Morning Meeting Daily

  • Scholars watch 10 Minute CNN Student News Broadcast, discuss connections, and write summaries.

Jensen’s 2015-2016 Problem of Practice (POP)

  • Differentiation
  • Culture & Climate (Social Emotional Supports, Calm Classroom, & Second Steps)

CTU Funds expenditure receipts accepted now: Team, If you have receipts, it’s been strongly suggested that you submit them now and not wait.

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