Simple Green Effective ... No More Streaks, Spots Or Lint

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  • Wet It - Wring It - Wipe your Surface - Walk Away
  • Cleans with JUST WATER, NO DRYING !
  • Safe. Environmentally friendly for you and your world. Chemical Free, Hypo-allergenic
  • Exclusive, Patented MiraFiber Technology.
  • Washable - Bleachable - Chemical Free - 100's of Uses
  • Effective. A Clean Cloth will NEVER Streak Windows, Mirrors or Glass Guaranteed


With 'Vacuum Power' the Ultimate Cloth Removes Dirt, Grease,
Fingerprints, Hair spray, Bugs, Smoke Film, Tar, Brake Dust,
Dog Nose Prints, Soap Scum and the list goes on.

Wet It - Wring It - Wipe your Surface - Walk Away
Then Rinse or Wash the cloth & it's ready to go back to work for you - over & over.

The cloth does the work through it's exclusive, patented construction
& leaves no chemicals on your surfaces that create those frustrating streaks & spots!

Household, Autos, Motorcycles, Boats, RV's and Professional

Besides your windows, glass & mirrors... great for shower doors, bathroom tile, counter tops, appliances - including stainless steel, corian, granite, marble, porcelain, ceramic tile, glass-topped & black appliances. Computer Screens, TV screens, framed Artwork, Hardwood floors, glass Patio Tables, Sporting Equipment & More

Bumper to bumper - inside & out - it will be sparkling.

Safe for Lexan, paint, chrome, leather, windshields, vinyl, plexiglass ... Convenient as it travels with you - just dampen & clean wherever you are.

Professional Cleaning Cloths - we sell to professional cleaners, auto detailers, glass & window dealers/cleaners

CHEMICAL FREE - uses WATER ONLY! It's the advanced construction of the cloth that does the work

Washable & Bleachable - This is the ONLY microfiber cloth that can be bleached - do not use fabric softener

Guaranteed 5 Years - with general household usage

Extremely Affordable - use over & over

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Rinse Cloth WELL before the first use.

Wet with water & Wring out WELL.

When dirty rinse with water.

Wash with detergent as needed.

Can be bleached in the washing machine.



Washing with towels can attract lint.



Everyone loves the Stainless Steel appliances in the showroom and then you get them home and they are impossible to keep clean. When you purchase the Stainless appliances they also sell you the Stainless Steel cleaners. These cleaners contain either oil or silicone which coats the surface. That is why you can see each fingerprint because the oil or silicone is being smeared on the surface. This is another reason you cannot spot clean Stainless Steel either.

The easiest way to remove this chemical is to wet your cloth with water and do NOT wring it out. It needs to be very wet. Sprinkle baking soda onto the cloth. Directly apply the wet cloth with baking soda on it to your appliance and wipe it going with the grain of the stainless steel. Wipe the surface well, flip the cloth to a clean side to finish it off and remove any of the baking soda residue. If there are still streaks, repeat this process until there are no streaks. When finished, wash the cloth in the washing machine to remove the chemical from the cloth.

As long as you refrain from using stainless steel cleaner, you will never have to repeat this process. Also, spot treating will now be possible.

How often should you wash your Ultimate Cloths® ?

This depends entirely on the surfaces you are cleaning. For example if you are cleaning indoor windows the cloth will only need rinsed with a little dish soap and put right back to work. If you have just cleaned a greasy stovetop the cloth is probably ready to be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. The best way to tell when it is time to wash your cloths is if the surfaces you are cleaning are not left completely streak free.