By Agostino D'Ancona

Where is Latino pop played at you ask?

It all depends on how successful the artist is. If you're a successful artist such as Shakira then you most likely play in a stadium. If you're an up coming artist then you would play at a smaller venue like a festival, or parade, at a concert where a lot of bands preform over a period of days or hours. If you're not as successful then you might play in the streets or a parade.

Some examples of the places different artist would play at

History of the music

Latino pop got its origin from American pop when some spanish artist sang American pop in spanish. Due to the success and influence of Emilio and Gloria Estefan, the city of Miami became the hub for Latin music production in the 1980s, and remains vital to the music and business of Latin Pop.

Some characteristics of the music

Latino Pop is almost if not the same as American pop so it doesn't have an characteristics different from American pop. You use a guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. The keyboard can play other instruments or sounds then just playing the piano on it. Latino pop is played at concerts mostly since its not as old as other spanish music it isn't really played at cultural or traditional events. Typically performers would where whatever they're comfortable with no special costume is required. Some famous artist include Shakira, Pit Bull, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera.

Connection to dance

Artist can dance however they please there are no specific dances. Artist can also make up a routine to go with their song.
Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party (Live)

The music today

All people around the world may or may not listen to Latino Pop but it is getting more popular then before.