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February 16th, 2021

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Included in this Newsletter

  • American Family (formerly Miller Park) Information
  • Class Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year
  • Solo & Ensemble Information
  • What will Band look like when we go back to 5 days in person?

  • Upcoming Events: 2021-2022 Calendar will be posted soon!

Get these dates on your calendar!

2021 Band Camp Dates:

Music Camp 6-8pm on August 9, 10, 11,12

Marching Camp is 2-8pm on August 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

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We have seen a sudden increase in forgotten instruments!

Please, please do your best to remember your instrument, we play every day!

Moving forward- students that forget their instrument will need to complete the zoom assignment for that day.

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Volunteers Needed- Milwaukee Brewers

Hello Band Parents

The Brewers are planning to have a season and therefore we will have the opportunity to man a concession stand in order to earn funds to help support our marching band.

We are looking for parents who would like to give their time for 2-3 games this coming baseball season. Please respond to this email or contact Lisa Hollander at

The Brewer games at American Family Field help us provide a large part of the budget needed to fund our marching band during competition season. The funds also help with scholarships and fund band needs.

Please consider finding the time to help our Wauwatosa East Red Raider Marching Band.

I am looking for 15-20 more volunteers to help make this happen. Contact me for more information.

Lisa Hollander

Volunteer Coordinator

Red Raider Band Boosters

2021-2022 Class Registration

5th Hour Band- Symphonic Band

For the 2021-2022 school year band students entering grades 10-12 should be enrolling in Symphonic Band.
Please double check with your counselor that you are registered for Symphonic Band for next school year. I would be happy to check as well if you want, just let me know!

Looking for other Music classes to take next year?

Digital Music- Mr. Krubsack

Learn how to use digital programs like Soundtrap and Ableton to compose.

Music Theory- Mrs. Lato

Learn the nuts and bolts of music. Often compared to the 'math of music' but don't let that turn you off! Music Theory is a great course that dives in to the inner workings of music.

Teaching Assistant for Concert Band- Mrs. Lato/Mr. Krubsack

We love having upperclassmen as TA's! The more the merrier. If you are interested in being a TA please email your counselor and CC Mrs. Lato. TA's will get the opportunity to work with students in small groups, as well as play along and even learn a second instrument if time allows.

Solo & Ensemble (VIRTUAL)

Solo and Ensemble will be completely virtual for 2021

The following ensembles will be participating in virtual Solo & Ensemble and will be recording their submission during their scheduled class time. These are the only small ensembles that will be participating as they are being rehearsed by Mr. Krubsack and Mrs. Lato.

Ensembles that will be participating:

  • Jazz Ensemble I
  • Jazz II/III (this is the group that is currently meeting on RF 0 hour on B Cohort days)
  • Percussion Ensemble (Sofapilla)

Students that are preparing Solo's, Duets or Trio's on their own or with a private teacher will need to complete the google form linked below.

If you are not participating in Solo & Ensemble there is nothing that needs to be completed.

There is no charge for the large ensembles that are rehearsed in school, Mrs. Lato will be in touch regarding fees for all other events once registration is finalized.

We are participating in Cycle B

Virtual Solo & Ensemble Homepage

Virtual Solo & Ensemble Rules & Information

Virtual Solo & Ensemble FAQ's

Student Procedures Info

Impact of a Virtual Platform on the Festival Music List: The virtual format has some major implications for the selections on the music list. Due to the online submission of video performances and music pdfs, special publisher approval is required for each selection to comply with copyright. If a publisher has not granted approval for use, their music is not eligible for performance during the 2020-21 WSMA Virtual Festival. There are three different status for each selection on the music list: (See example rows below)

  • Approved
  • Limited Approval: Some, but not all publishers of the selection have given approval. (highlighted in yellow)
  • No: None of the publishers have given approval for the selection. (highlighted in red)

Festival Music List

Band- 5 day instruction

We are going to continue all our practices surrounding mask wearing and bell covers.

We are also going to maintain rehearsals in the Theatre to maintain recommended distancing. Based on the research that we have been following that is specific to our content area, we believe that distancing is the most important thing to maintain alongside mask wearing.

Our morning Jazz rehearsals would go back to a 'regular schedule'.

  • Jazz I would meet MWF at 7am (currently meeting A Cohort)
  • Jazz II would meet TR at 7am (currently meeting B Cohort)

All Band rehearsals will remain in the Theatre for the rest of the school year until the sun is shining again and we are able to move back outside.

Keep your eyes are ears open for a Fall 2022 trip announcement coming soon!

Wauwatosa East Red Raider Bands

The Wauwatosa East Red Raider Marching Band is under the direction of Jennifer Lato and Jeff Krubsack.

Concert Band - Symphonic Band - Wind Ensemble

Marching Band

Jazz I, Jazz II, Jazz III

Music Theory