Copacabana PS Technology

Term 1, Week 3 2014

Multimodal Texts

Using digital and multimodal texts K-6 through the NSW English K-10 syllabus

Some excellent DEC videos and examples of creating multimodal text

Covers the skills students use and ideas in digital and multimodal texts are different to print materials

Metalanguage used to describe different types of digital and multimodal texts

Syllabus outcomes and content relating to using digital and multimodal texts.

More Multimodal Text Resources

NAPLAN Writing 2014

"Students will be required to respond to either a narrative or a persuasive prompt".


NAP criterion

I have attached some great posters and documents to your email; Criteria Columns, Teacher Summary, Persuasive techniques summary and a Student Poster created by Lizzie Chase for Teachers & Students. Also Sharon Tooney's Persuasive Texts poster. Lizzie and Sharon have kindly shared their work .

Persuasive & Narrative Writing

This slideshare has some great strategies for learning about Persuasive writing

And this one is for Narrative writing

Writing Prompts

If you are looking for writing prompts for your class, Toasted Cheese has one for each day of the month. A good variety but not always suitable for Primary students.

Amazing 3D Street Art

Best of 3D Street Art Illusion - Episode 1 - HD