3QU41I7Y 4 HUM4N4T33!

H0W 2 M4K3 7H3 W012LD 4 8377312 PL4C3

7H3 5 3451E57 W4Y5 70 H31P

(I'm done with the 1337 speak now, it was annoying even to me at this point.)

1. Just don't try to be a bad person, it really does go a long way if you just point out the nearest store to some random person or tell them the time or whatever. It will usually help their mood and you won't feel like a jerk.

2. No being racist. Really, at this point it's just completely overdone. Quit it.

3. Try to have a good outlook on life, No one likes a cynic.

4. At least attempt to work hard, I know how bad it is with a bad work ethic, (mine is terrible), but you can do it.

5. Don't overstress. Just don't. You can be stressed over some things but you have to remember, life is life, things happen, live and let live. It will put you in a better mood not to worry.