We are Hiring!

Online Advertising Sales (PPC)

We are looking for a few good PPC Sales Agents

  • Have you been looking for a lucrative job which you can do from home?
  • Do you have community and online small business connections?
  • Are you willing to learn how to market using proven techniques?
  • Do you have some experience with Facebook Ads or Google AdWords?
  • Are you not afraid of working on a 100% commission basis?

If you said yes, then we would like to schedule a time to video chat!

Who Are We?

We are the Ultimate Small Business Marketing Machine!

We help small and medium sized businesses use targeted advertising to find new customers wherever they are online and deliver them to you or your clients’ website or offers at an affordable price. Using proprietary technology and state-of-the art algorithms, we serve digital ads on the leading ad delivery networks including Facebook TM GoogleTM, BingTM, YahooTM, AppNexusTM, and AOLTM. This allows us to deliver the highest quality and top converting traffic to any website…on-demand!

Website traffic is the predominant indicator of a company’s online presence and plays that vital role in organic search engine rankings. A website that is receiving a steady stream of traffic can get a better search engine ranking when those products or services are being searched for on the major search engines.

Digital advertising is essential to increase website traffic and ultimately generate higher profits for online businesses. While SEO, social media marketing and content generation may take some time to generate results, digital advertising through our AdExchange is…immediate!

Many industry participants view traffic generation strategies as SEO OR digital ads, when the two strategies are very complimentary and provide a diversified approach to smart traffic generation.

All of our ads and campaigns adhere to the Internet Advertising Bureau's strict guidelines, best practices and standards.

How We Do it

Our AdExchange gives small and medium sized businesses access to highly qualified prospects at the precise moment they are ready to buy.

We help our clients stay in control and keep their campaigns within budget. We provide the flexibility of choosing the preferred real-time bidding method for each campaign.


ONLY pay for full-page ad between current and destination page.


ONLY pay for a number of website/offer views received.


ONLY pay for a number of views in increments of 1,000.


ONLY pay when a highly targeted customer clicks on the ad.

The TARGETING STRATEGIES that can be employed are:


Highly targeted customers aligned to the offer based on their interest, views and reading habits.


Brings a customer BACK to the site. ROI’s have been as high as 900% for this strategy.


Target customers based on Country, Region, State or City.


Target customers based on their usage of computer, smartphone or tablet.


Target customers based on their Internet Service Provider.


Target customers whether they use Windows, Apple, Blackberry and others.


Target customers based on Category, Channel or Niche. There are over 150 to choose from.


Target customers based on their language. Major languages supported.


Target customers based on specific times and dates.


Target specific keywords or keyword phrases.


Distribution for the campaign is network-wide for MAXIMUM exposure.

We target our customers at the precise moment they are buying, our clients are experiencing higher conversion rates, higher sales, great opt-ins and an increase in organic search engine traffic.

Our Advantage is:

1. Highly Targeted, On-Demand Traffic Generation.

2. Targeted Traffic At The PRECISE Moment They Are Prepared To Buy.

3. Simple, But Powerful Platform That Is Available 24/7, 365 Days per Year.

4. Access To The WIDEST Range Of Targeted Traffic.

5. Multiple Revenue Streams From Advertisers And Other Strategic Alliances.

Randy Hilarski

We are based in Panama City, Panama but operate throughout North and South America including every market worldwide. We look forward to talking to you. Phone number is international.

Skype: RandyHilarski