Cleaning America one home at a time!

Sweatshop Tour

Enjoy a trek through the fabled sweat shop of ClEn-N-SpRkle! Our actors will make the experience seem truly genuine as you take a tour through our factory! You will start off at the very entrance of our factory and will end in our world-famous gift shop!

Price: $35 per person


This new product is by far the most beneficial cleaning product that you will find anywhere! BlEch is our newest whitener, it may look and sound like bleach, but it is by far the best whitener in the world! Use this on all of your..."delicates" and they will be as white as the day they came from the factory!

Price: $60 a bottle

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This is by far the most exciting part of our company! You can jump from a plane above our factory in Detroit and land safely in a field on the outskirts of town. No experience necessary, lessons are provided for an extra fee of $10 a person. Enjoy the soothing plummet from the plane to the ground on this sky view of our factory!

Price: $200 a person

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Product Testing

Finally, on this amazing adventure, you the customer get to test our 100% safe products for us! After all of this amazing testing, you get to have a free vaccination or two, sign our weiver and you get a free pack of our cleaning product flavored gum!

Price: $15

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Brief History On Our Amazing Company

Our company has been in business for years, it has loyally served the public and all of its cleaning needs for the last decade or so, keeping America clean. We have always taken pride in our efficiency and the founder (Dalton T. Welsh) has always taken the extra step to make sure that all customers are completely satisfied!