Downtown Toronto .. sun and rain!

the bright side and dark side of the downtown

my experience in the downtown .

According to my observation during that entertaining field trip, the downtown was totally different from the suburbs, let me just begin with the sun, I mean the bright side. Downtown Toronto had all kinds of commercial examples : low-order goods: cheese store, convenient store, fruit and vegetable store , middle-order goods: shoe stores, clothing and department stores , and high- order goods and services: expensive jwellery stores, expensive restaurants, and bookstores . It had developed schools, universities, churches, and mosques etc. which are examples of institutional land use. It also had a variety of transportation examples: The go train, busses, taxis, cars, walking, and bikes. So everything is accessible and available in the Downtown .And a paragraph is definitely not enough for me to mention EVERYTHING .Lastly , I really loved how there were a lot of environmental friendly examples: recycling bins , bike rentals , green open space , and reusable containers in the food court .And that clearly states that government planners do their best to have clean air and somehow limit pollution which comes from cars and smoking of people . now for the dark part , I really disliked having lots of people that sometimes even prevent me from observing the buildings properly or taking pictures . The roads were a bit narrow which results in more traffic and car accidents. Everything was clustered and there were less parking spots . In addition, almost every place and everybody was busy… busy… busy; there were a lot of noises coming from all directions, which distracted me somehow. last but not least , life is very expensive there since everything is provided ; developed transportation, education, job opportunities, specialized stores etc. so that will definitely result in the most thing I hate in life ... homeless people who can not even get something to wear . In conclusion , each and every place in the world has advantages as well as disadvantages , so...If you found an area that is PERFECT, then it is either a dream or a dream .

What I learned from this great field trip

There were countless places that attracted me in the downtown. And the most one is Chinatown. And I would be pleased to share with you a little of what I learned about that little town. Chinatown is an ethnic enclave in Downtown Toronto, with a high concentration of ethnic Chinese residents and businesses. I think it is a great place that represents China. It contains a lot of shops that sell Chinese food, traditional clothes, and souvenirs you can take which reminds you of that great, developed country. There are a lot of clean, affordable hotels in the downtown. So if you really couldn’t leave that marvelous town, you have the opportunity to stay in safe hands and relax. In addition, Chinatown has a lot of stores that sell unique kinds of herbs, which may not be present in countries other than China. Some of these herbs make great medicine for different kinds of illnesses. And lastly, seeing Chinatown made me really proud living in a multicultural country such as Canada. I saw Chinese residents wandering around, with big smiles on their faces. As if they were in their own country. And I understood why Canada is a home for a considerable amount of Chinese residents.

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Population density

As you can see , there is a common connection between these three pictures. They all demonstrate the high population density in the downtown. There are lots of high rise buildings, lots of cars in the narrow roads, and the last image shows a thing I never saw before, which is that high parking building. Having such buildings shows how high the population density is in the downtown.

The most thing which pleased me

The picture below displays one of the highlights or most appreciated things in the downtown. As my classmates and I were walking, my eyes fell on a lot of graffitis and marvelous paintings on walls. Which mostly attract our generations due to their interesting themes. I also loved the museum present in the downtown, even though I didn’t enter, but I always like places that focus on arts and creativity.

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Downtown Toronto 2014