Character Analysis: Zoey Redbird

Marked- House Of Night Novel

Small Paragraph

Zoey Redbird is an 16 year old girl that was marked as an fledging vampire which meant that she had to leave her house school, etc. to go live in the house of night school so that she can be able to be trained to grow and be an adult vampire that's only if she can take the changes correctly and doesn't die. Zoey is not at all an average fledging because she was chosen by the Goddess named Nyx and she has been able to discover all her powers of the elements which is earth, fire, water, air, and spirit.
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Short Essay

Those are the tattoos that was placed on her body, the moon on her forehead was filled in already ever since she got it which is different from others because everyone else's weren't filled in just yet. Everyone was asking her why the moon on her forehead was filled in and what it meant but not even Zoey knew why it was like that.

Letter to Zoey Redbird

Dear Zoey,

I would like to meet you and maybe be friends. But anyways I wanted to say that you should never be afraid of anything or anyone because nothing would happen to you, the Goddess Nyx is protecting you, she chose you for a reason which means she'll always be there for you and protecting you.