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February 12, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Because of your support, we had a great time together Friday afternoon. The "yogurt bar" was a special treat and everyone enjoyed fixing their own bowl. A room mom cleverly came up with a valentine game that included a ball due to our project. I hope you had fun going through your child's valentines together. I VERY MUCH enjoyed going through mine! THANK YOU for all the special treats. I hope you enjoy the video from our celebration-I used a fun song! Also, I want to make mention that I took off the Learning Areas portion of the newsletter for this week. Be sure to take a look at the What's Coming Up section. It list a new resource in FreshGrade for the measurement standard we will be working on. I am looking forward to another great week with your child.
Valentine's Day Celebration


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Our Soccer Ball Expert- Assistant PRS Soccer Coach, Mr. Stinson

Soccer Ball Expert
What an amazing time we are having with our ball project! This week Mr. Stinson, PRS assistant soccer coach, did a fantastic job as our soccer ball expert. The learners were completely amazed as he cut open a soccer ball right in front of our very eyes. We learned that the soccer ball has a "bladder." It is a ball inside of a ball. The learners were very interested in the valve. They took the cut open ball to PE so they could observe Coach Hines put air in the valve. Coach Hines was amazing and took time letting each child feel and observe the air going through the valve. Our ball project is also really helping us with authentic learning of shapes. We learned that there are 2 shapes on the soccer ball. The shapes are hexagon and pentagon.
Soccer Ball-A Trip Outdoors

Our Learning Moves Outside

Coach Stinson actually spent two days with us as our soccer ball expert. The day after his first visit, he returned with 2 other soccer players form Huntingdon. We moved our learning outside to further our understanding of the soccer ball. One of the questions our learners sent Mr. Stinson was about how to kick the soccer ball. The players were so patient with our learners. They spent time letting all learners kick the soccer ball around. Mr. Stinson then brought out a basketball as an example of a ball not designed to kick but that the soccer ball was designed for that purpose. The players ended their time with us showing us some fancy footwork with the soccer ball.

Learning can take place in any location, at any time....and from other learners.

Informational Writing

New Writing Genre: Informational Text

Our main mentor text for this genre is a book about polar bears. As we were preparing for this type of writing, we noticed that the C1 Learners from Mrs. Knight's family had written an informational book about polar bears. The book is located right beside their large polar bear they made which is on display in front of the CLC. One of the advantages of being in a Project Base School is that often one learner's project can facilitate the learning of other learners. We took the opportunity to move our learning out to the hallway where the C1 display area is located. The learners form Mrs. Knight's family meet us by their display to share their informational book and movie. This was a perfect mentor lesson for our learners on informational text.

A not so ordinary 3D Shape

This cube is Not an ordinary 3D Shape

A Community 6 Learner visits with us

Last week our learners bought in items from home for us to short into 3D shape categories. One of our learners brought in a rubiks cube for the 3D shape, cube. Miss Clark has a friend that is interning upstairs in the upper grade. Miss Clark learned from her friend that there was C6 learner that is able to solve the rubiks cube. Following the lead of our learners over their interest in the rubiks cube when it was brought in as a 3D shape for a cube, Miss Clark arranged for the C6 learner to come and demonstrate his skill for us. Watch the video-it is amazing!

Yes We have a playground!

The most often asked question in our room right now is "Are we going to the playground?" The learners are so busy having fun that it is hard to get a picture of them. I will continue to try to capture them this next week as well. A few learners were out and I am also afraid I missed getting a picture of everyone.

What's Coming up?

Feb 16th-19th Part of learning about Informational Text, is separating fact from opinion. We are using the series about a penguin named Tacky to help us with this skill. Below are other informational writings that we will be using as mentor text. The book titled Balls! is the informational text we are using to help us research for our own books we are creating for our ball project.
Focus Standards for this week: During small group this week we will continue doing an intentional look at counting skills standard C.K.CC.4a. We have been working on measurement during our ball project and I think we have begun showing evidence of understanding the standard. We will use our ball project to help us assess measurable attribute standard CC.K.MD.2 An example of this standard is: Jake's football is ?? cubes long. It is taller than the marker. Be sure to click "show" under this standard. It contains a game as well as an article you mind find helpful. They are listed below as well. We will also continue working on the High Frequency word recognition RF.K.3c. standard.

Measurement Resources for standard CC.K.MD.2:

  • February 15th Presidents Day-No school for Learners/work day for Lead Learners
  • February 25th at 6:00 P.M.: PTSA General Membership Meeting/Multicultural Event (PRS Cafeteria)
Parents- Please read the flyer below.
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High Frequency Words.

This is an ongoing standard. The words accumulate. Consider looking at the link for ideas of ways to work with High Frequency words during the two week break. We will begin a new set of words when we return in January.

Already introduced: a, am, can, go, I, me, my, play, the, to, you, and,

blue, for, went, is, it in, little, red, yellow, look

Words Currently Working On:

-big, help, come, make, not, one, two, three, we, see, said

Words remaining:

-where, jump, they, what, up, down, here, he, she, have, like

Scholastic Book Order

Parents we will be using online ordering for Scholastic Book Orders for all future orders. Book orders for February are due by February 26th.


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