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Numerous conditions can be treated using this method.

Understanding the Benefits of Seeing an Osteopathic Physician

Is conventional medicine not meeting your needs? Do you feel as if the doctor is only concerned about symptoms you are experiencing rather than preventing problems in the first place? If so, you aren't alone. Many people find they aren't satisfied with the current health care system. However, this doesn't mean a person is simply stuck. Numerous people are turning to osteopathy to resolve these issues while still obtaining the care they need. A doctor of osteopathic medicine focuses on the entire person instead of the illness or injury that led to their visit. The same is true during regular physicals. The osteopathic physician treats the entire person.

Why Osteopathy?

People often prefer osteopathic doctors rather than conventional physicians as the doctor of osteopathic medicine uses a hands-on approach, one that is centered around the patient and his or her unique needs. Many doctors prefer this treatment approach also, and 20 percent of medical school students are now pursuing this type of degree. In addition to using traditional methods, the doctor uses manipulation of the joints, muscles, and spine during the treatment of the patient.

What Conditions May Be Treated with Osteopathy?

Numerous conditions can be treated using this method. This includes common complaints such as back pain, arthritis, sinus problems, and sciatica. However, osteopathic medicine is also beneficial for conditions that are less frequently seen. This includes fibromyalgia, asthma, and carpal tunnel syndrome. A person should always speak to the osteopathic physician to determine if they can be of help and how. Many people are surprised to find this type of doctor can assist their medical issue.

The osteopathic physician is focused on helping patients prevent illnesses and injuries, as opposed to simply treating them. They listen to patients and work with them to ensure they remain healthy and stay that way. Patients receive comprehensive care thanks to the whole-person treatment and care approach used by these physicians. Consider making the switch to a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) today. Bodyworks Edinburgh is available to answer any questions you have regarding this medical approach and what it involves. Give them a call today to transform the way you view your health and well-being.