St. Petersburg Newspaper

Boys Drown, 1875

The Mysterious Deaths of Three Boys

Yesterday, the great Mississippi took the lives of three boys. Joe Harper, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. The three boys went out to swim for a while, and did not return. The Bodies have not yet been found, but the search continues.

Mark Twain's Interview

Reporter: Mr. Twain, in your new book, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" why did you choose Robin Hood as a game to be played in the woods?

Twain: In the book, Tom and his friends are alone on this island. I used Robin Hood as an example of how the felt, free.

Reporter: Why choose Tom as the person who is a rebel?

Twain: I chose him as the rebel, because throughout the book, he evolves into another person. In the begging, he thinks the whole world is against him. in the end, read the book and you'll find out.

Reporter: In the book, why did you make Becky Tom's crush?

Twain: I felt that this book needed something like that. So Tom has motivation to do things.

The Town's Reaction

The Feelings

Our interviewers went around the town, and asked some questions. Many people are mourning over the deaths. Although, some people feel horrible about the deaths, but are getting a new feel. Joe Harper's family are crying almost every night about his death. The family are regretting how they treated him so horribly. Tom's aunt and half-brother, are even taking it harder. Aunt Polly is thinking that it is her fault Tom had drown.